Franchise Projects provides specialised solutions to some of the problems franchisors encounter as they launch, expand, or simply begin to make changes to their franchised businesses.

Our team focuses on the following four areas:

  1. Operations manual development, writing, review, and management are essential components of a successful franchise business model.
  2. Training the Head Office team to deliver training in their area of expertise by working to design interactive sessions that boost trainer confidence but stay within the range of comfort for those delivering them.
  3. Creating onboarding training programmes to give incoming franchisees the best possible start in the world of business.
  4. Assisting franchised businesses in finding the appropriate support for their franchise by making recommendations for software providers, expert services, and full-service consultancy as necessary. There are no referral fees paid or imposed because of the strong commitment to ethical franchising.

Although we don’t have all the answers, we might be able to connect you with someone who does. We are willing to speak with any franchised business.

Franchise Services

The franchise agreement usually makes more than 30 references to the operations manual overall. We see it as our responsibility to uphold the legal obligations of our clients while ensuring that a franchised business fully develops its manual to reflect that business and to become the “go-to” reference point.

Our first stop is the content. Does it specify what a franchisee is expected to do as well as the guidelines and constraints they must follow? Next, we examine the manual’s presentation and the most effective method of delivery.

We work with the best options available for the company and can provide a customised solution for an online version to guarantee that the franchisees actually use the manual and that it remains up-to-date.

The founder is familiar with what works because she has experience as a franchisee, an award-winning franchisor, and a worker for several franchised brands. This entails delivering important documents and news to the network, keeping the manual updated, safeguarding the assets, and making the manual a first point of reference.

We work with newly launched (or expanding and developing) businesses to deliver excellent onboarding sessions utilising in-house skills because the manual is a great starting point for training and onboarding franchisees. We also have experience in training and train the trainer development.

Although we are based in the UK, we can provide some solutions outside the country.

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