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Since 2015 we have worked with selected franchisors seeking to expand their UK franchise system through targeted marketing of franchise prospects.

Most franchisors fish in the same pond when trying to attract new leads so we decided to create a new pond to ensure that we only supply our clients with UNIQUE leads that they are not identifying from their other marketing channels.

Essentially, we complement your current activity and generate a consistent flow of unique leads for you to discuss your franchise with.

Having worked within franchising for nearly 30 years we believe that we can support you with your objectives of increasing your franchise network through consistent growth.

We are a retained marketing agency that works closely with you to identify the types of buyers of your franchise and we then go and find them.  Typically, we target those people considering a career change but have yet to think about a franchise.  There are early stage leads and they need to be carefully nurtured through your sales process.  Typically, we supply 40-50 leads per month, every month.

In the UK since 2015, our business model was initially developed in Germany in 2012 after starting out as a traditional franchise broker. The current model was developed utilising our franchising and recruitment experience to support franchisors on a more focused approach rather than a shotgun approach – less is more!

Due to the success of our Franchise Top 10 model, we have added a further category of support so that we can help more franchise systems, we call this Franchise+.  Very similar in concept yet more flexible so a good option for newer franchise systems with smaller marketing budgets.

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