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There are already more than 187 GoliathTech franchisees in operation in North America, and the company hopes to bring as many jobs to the United Kingdom. Helical piles are the greatest foundation technology in building, and they are the best at engineering, designing, manufacturing, and distributing them.

GoliathTech’s Helical (Screw) Piles Can Be Used In Any Environment. Franchisees of GoliathTech provide anchoring solutions that are suitable for any kind of soil or environmental stress and can withstand the greatest pressures. The screw piles are designed to provide reliable anchoring for buildings in a variety of settings, including homes, businesses, and farms.

Screw piles, which look like very huge screws, are put to the depth of the ground freezing level to provide a strong foundation for your building.

This is more cost-effective than using concrete for the base of a building, and it’s an improvement over using form tubes. Customers have the option of a quick and easy installation that requires no digging or tearing up of landscaping or building foundations.

GoliathTech’s Potential as a Franchise Model:

You will run your own Helical Piles Installation Company as a GoliathTech franchisee.
As you concentrate on winning contracts and expanding your firm, it will be up to you to staff the installation crew.

Franchisees provide a variety of essential services for any kind of setup, including:

Structures for Habitat
Balcony Decking Supported by Solar Panels
Aquatic Centers
Base Stations
Wind Generators
Simple Setup!

One person can handle all of this company’s operations. The whole process of becoming trained and certified just takes two days. A pick-up truck or cargo van, a trailer, a small excavator, the Goliath startup kit, and their instruction are all you need to begin going.

GoliathTech is dedicated to the growth of your Helical Piles Installation Company and provides extensive training and support upon signing on as a franchisee.

They will supply you with all the trademark GoliathTech hardware, software, and personnel, as well as regular maintenance and upkeep.

To assist you expand your business with their product, GoliathTech offers training, sales, and marketing resources.

Other resources are available to franchisees, including:

GoliathTech’s installation certification programme
Continuous assistance with product sales and set-up
Help from the Engineers
Promotional Help Linking Your Name to a Reliable Product or Service
Campaigns on a national scale
Branding possibilities on the web
Could you start and manage your own company installing helical piles?
Franchisees of GoliathTech are trusted representatives of the GoliathTech brand who share the company’s dedication to technical superiority, professionalism, and the highest quality standards. In comparison to conventional screw pile systems, the cutting-edge technology at their disposal offers superior performance, strength, and ease of installation.

In its role as a business partner, GoliathTech will provide you with extensive tools to ensure the success of your GoliathTech Franchise.

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