Green Hat People runs vibrant, cutting edge Corporate Meetings to help companies engage their employees and encourage fresh ideas and collaboration. Join us and run your own business as one of our area developers.

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Full Description

Green Hat People are looking for ambitious area developers to join their expansion in the UK

Established in 2006, Green Hat People is changing the way corporate meetings and communications is done – with smart, immersive and interactive solutions for companies that want to maximise employee engagement.

We specialise in designing Active Meetings, powered by dynamic and challenging workshops, Business games and Team building activities. The products are off-the-shelf and our goal is to lead our clients to engage in two-way communication, active listening and enthusiastic participation. Over half a million employees from a large variety of companies have benefited from our activities and workshops to date. 

Why Join Green Hat People?

We have been recruiting Area Developers to expand our business since 2011. When you become an Area Developer, you gain a strong head start in business with a truly engaging and modern company. You’ll be building your business utilising innovative concepts that already have a client satisfaction rate of 97%.

We are looking for individuals who want to take this unique opportunity of transforming the UK meetings industry. The Area Developers will need the means to invest in their own Green Hat People venture and the ambition, experience and business capability to successfully run it.

Each Area Developer will be responsible for introducing the proven products to businesses ranging from local companies to large multi-nationals. In the early days of your business, you will oversee and manage the activities at the meetings and as the business progresses we expect you to be building a team of people to deliver the services.

Our license offers:

  • Exclusive rights to operate in your region.
  • Twelve strong products and proprietary technology.
  • Comprehensive training on our services, operations, marketing, sales, etc.
  • Website content, CRM and admin systems.
  • On-going development of the products and technology.
  • Full business model and accumulated experience in our detailed operations manual.

We Engage | We Inspire | We Understand

Our Dynamic Approach

Why are so many business meetings ineffective? Why does so little information stick? Research shows that audio-visual presentations are an ineffective form of communication and that 90% of a PowerPoint is typically forgotten after only a few days.

With uninteresting talks, long lectures and one-way conversations, it’s no wonder lots of information gets lost. We believe in active learning  a process by which we use activities to spearhead discussions and group work which greatly increases engagement, knowledge retention and learning.

We aim to activate employees’ minds. Using the latest in technology, our formats are dynamic, interesting, and grab attention on a brand new level.

Green Hat People Services

Off-the-Shelf Workshops and Business Games

To get the very best results, we gamify and workshop our clients’ message. Our workshops and business games can be experienced at small conferences or by thousands at a time.

  • Customer Centricity Workshop – We teach our clients to learn to think like their clients.
  • Core Values Business Game – We instil the core values of the company in question.
  • Goals and Activities Workshop – We help clients to understand what their goals are and start planning toward them.
  • Deadline Business Game – We emphasise the importance of strong planning and attention to detail.
  • Sustainability Business Game – We help clients to transform their sustainability policy into reality.
  • Cooperation Workshop – We encourage colleague collaboration.

Off-the-Shelf Team Building Activities

Games get people talking. We believe that having fun encourages employees to share ideas and  insights. Each year we unite more than 500 teams with memorable and exciting group experiences. Using tablets, like in our workshops, our activities are fast and cutting edge:

  • 100 creative challenges with the Green Hat Challenge, our most popular activity.
  • Ice Breaker Game – our effective and short ice-breaker.
  • Explore a new city with the Exploration Challenge.
  • Energise employees with the code break.
  • Lockdown: Escape Game – Solve challenges and escape the room.
  • Boost your dinner with the Music Experience Game.

Implementation Tools

After the company meeting, clients want their staff to start changing their behaviour and put the new knowledge into action. Our web based Activity Booster and our customised Team Implementation Activities are fun and smart ways of making this happen in a both competitive and cooperative format.

Bespoke Client Experiences

Some clients have unique needs, so we tailor experiences specifically to suit them and their company. We have assisted in improving communication and goals, understanding the benefits of new strategies, educating and welcoming new company employees, and creative brain-storming for thousands of employees.

If you are eager for a new challenge and want to introduce a fresh concept to the world of corporate events, then please contact us today. 

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