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The largest franchise law firm in Europe, Hamilton Pratt, represents about 35% of the BFA’s full membership. The firm has been involved in many of the top franchise cases in the UK and offers legal counsel to both franchisors and franchisees.

Multinational corporations, small businesses, franchisees, franchise associations, seasoned franchisors, and those just getting started in franchising are just a few of the clients we work with.

We want to establish a close relationship with our clients so that we can specifically tailor our legal and commercial advice to your company’s needs.

The Franchisor’s Handbook: Your Duties, Responsibilities, and Liabilities (Third Edition), by John Pratt, is one of many works he has written about franchising.

‘Franchising in the United Kingdom’ is the topic of a recent article by John Pratt and James Barrett in the Franchise Law Journal of the American Bar Association. Please get in touch with us if you are a franchisor or a prospective franchisor and would like a copy of the Handbook or the article.

The John Baer Award for International Civility and Professionalism, the highest honour in global franchising, was presented to John Pratt at the American Bar Association Forum on Franchising in October 2018.

Franchisor Services

  • the creation of master franchise agreements, international franchise agreements, and franchise agreements, respectively
  • help and advice in regard to international franchising
  • advice on trademarks, including how to register them and handle trademark disputes involving both registered and unregistered marks
  • resales of franchises
  • support for franchise disputes

Franchisee services

  • franchise agreement evaluations and reports
  • acting for sellers and buyers in franchise sales and purchases
  • advice on how to resolve disputes with franchisors

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