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Inspired Energy plc is the UK’s leading commercial energy and sustainability advisor, offering energy procurement, utility cost optimisation and legislative compliance. Our mission is to optimise the value of every pound spent on utilities by our clients.

How we help your business

The energy market is complex, with prices moving daily and additional cost pressures adding up all the time. We can solve these problems for you by negotiating highly competitive electricity, gas and water supply contracts whilst helping to reduce your usage. This makes good business sense for any company, no matter the size. That is why all types of organisations rely on us to save them time, money and effort.

Energy expertise tailored for your business

By working with us, you’ll receive direct access to our specialist teams who are highly experienced in solving your business’ challenges and reducing what you spend on energy.

Your path to net zero

In a relatively short space of time, the phrase ‘Net Zero’ has become a fixture in the English language, thanks to the UK Government’s decision to make reducing carbon emissions to net zero a legally binding requirement by 2050.

Since the Net Zero target was declared, there have been many announcements from businesses committing to ambitious initiatives, that detail how they will reduce their carbon impact.

Here at Inspired Energy, we can help you meet your sustainability targets, with our wide range of services including contracting green power from renewable energy sources, taking profile alerts to monitor usage in real-time and performing site surveys to help you streamline your energy usage.

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