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Franchising can feel isolating. Our industry requires knowledge of all business disciplines and the need to be a best-in-class thought leader in your network, regardless of whether you are running a successful growing franchise or aspiring to do so.

We have a special ability to fill the gaps in your leadership team thanks to our two decades of experience managing Franchisors across the globe. We can help you take a step back and “work on” your business rather than “work in” it.

As an accomplished franchise consultant, we will assist you in building your business from the ground up, laying the groundwork for strong foundations that will enable you to expand more quickly.

Working with businesses across all industries, we specialise in assisting brands with a great concept to understand how to franchise their own businesses. We offer strategic advice as well as all the necessary paperwork to get started.

Franchise Services

Although we are always happy to provide bespoke work based on specific needs, our services are generally divided into four main categories.

Franchise Your Business

We provide strategic roadmaps and produce all the necessary paperwork for you to begin your franchising journey. This is a very intense and exciting programme where we thoroughly study your company to create a Franchise network that accurately represents you.

Franchise Mentoring

We take on the role of mentor when working with upcoming and experienced franchisors, helping to set goals, offer strategic insight, and address issues. Every month, we are available on-demand to help you with any problems the franchising industry may present.

Franchise Recruitment Planning

Finding franchises is the hardest and most persistent challenge for the majority of networks in the highly competitive world of franchising. We work with our clients to develop their unique selling proposition (USP) and competitive edge, develop a fully coordinated lead generation strategy, and, most importantly, make sure that leads are handled properly to convert into completed sales.

International Development

Global brand franchising has been at the centre of Andrew’s work for almost 20 years. We are extremely proud of having introduced brands into more than 20 nations and assisting overseas businesses in entering the UK market.

Unfortunately, many franchisors who attempt to “go global” fall short. Most often, this isn’t because their idea or brand was bad; rather, it’s because they didn’t realise the complexity and requirements they would have to meet. We have extensive experience assisting Franchise networks either to launch their first international franchise or to relaunch an unsuccessful international strategy and reclaim control of their brand.

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