Liberating Lifestyles Associate

Our Mission

Since more than 15,000 professional two-hour sessions, UWEDOCKHORN is the only 1:1 premium coaching company worldwide that offers a proven system to a liberating lifestyle for in-demand professionals, and their Very Important Partners (VIPs). In an era of imminent Burnout, unlike any other service providers of sole mindset techniques, we believe in energizing results that show up financially in business and emotionally in relationships.

The promise to our clients:

You’re lying on the beach next to a luxury holiday home on a family vacation for the third time this year. Your partner and the kids are happily playing and you feel content.

While sipping your favourite drink, you open your laptop, and you feel a smile spread across your face as you see record balances in your accounts, and you breathe a sigh of contentment because…

  • Work-free weekends are your new normal.
  • Your energy level is back to 100%.
  • You’re enjoying the relationship & life of your dreams.
  • You’re feeling well rewarded and widely recognized for your expertise.

Those energizing results are possible because his clients are now mostly working from home, only twice a week at the office, spending more time with their family, keeping a healthy diet and body, and are there for their kids. All after they doubled their income.

Typical results over the last 12 years:

  • Instead of feeling abandoned, they feel valued, appreciated, and included.
  • They go from lack of confidence to 100% Certainty.
  • From being stuck to being self-propelled.
  • Before they were in the hamster wheel, now they are at the steering wheel.
  • Going from fear of scarring their kids to being free from family traumas.
  • Risking their relationship to a divorce-proven marriage.
  • From scarcity to abundance.
  • And distancing themselves to have a close togetherness

Your liberating business and lifestyle opportunity:

Imagine having a liberating business opportunity where you can experience control, freedom, and certainty that show up in your business financially and emotionally in your relationships, and most importantly, in your family life.

  • Enjoy the relief of receiving a personal income of €100,000 or more – each and every year – in your own lucrative and highly profitable business with these wonderful benefits:
  • Easy setup with tools you already have
  • Flexible time schedule
  • Opportunity for financial freedom
  • Escape the 9-5
  • No large fixed overheads or costs
  • No website or tech skills required
  • Future-proofed, regardless of the economy
  • Exclusive LLA operating license
  • Ongoing training and support
  • Access to high-level in-house mastermind; valued at €100k
  • No area or geographical limits (like most franchises)
  • Location-independent – this works from anywhere in the world

Our proven LLA business process works in almost every country in the world – especially the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

You’re supported all along:

Uwe personally leads the training and development of new Liberating Lifestyles Associates (LLA), to dramatically accelerate the time to earn a six-figure income or more so you can upgrade to a liberating lifestyle, too, together with your loved ones.

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