Own and manage a Little House of Science education franchise, employing teachers to run your science classes, while you focus on marketing and expanding your business.

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Welcome to the Little House of Science

Little House of Science is an educational franchise providing weekly after school maths and project-based science workshops, for children 3 to 11 years, as well as sessions for babies and toddlers. Our Science and Maths clubs are also run in schools and nurseries. All classes are designed to fulfil children’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm about the world around us. Little House of Science is a place for children to learn, experiment, explore and play!

This is a management franchise, meaning the franchisee will work on building and expanding their business, while employees run their classes and workshops. Our experience thus far has proven that when each franchisee focuses on the development and growth of their business by bringing a teaching team on board, they are far more successful than if they were limited to teaching the classes themselves catering to just a handfuls of students at a time.

Little House of Science has partnered with leading institutions such as The Institute of Physics for a yearly Little Science Award – which is open to all nationally. Brian Cox supported us by to signing the Awards for the winners of the Little Science Award 2015.

In addition, this summer (2015) we supported the Royal Society, the leading Science Institute in the UK, for providing experiments and educational demonstrations for their well-known annual Summer Exhibition. Little House of Science has also had specially arranged family days together with the Science Museum in London. The Science Museum has also participated in our sessions at Imperial College London.


LittleHouse1.pngOur programmes

As a franchisee you will offer the following programmes, making our classes available to a wide variety of children.

  • Little Discovery (age 6 – 24 months): Experiential sessions to stimulate the senses with new sounds, rhythms, objects, colours and shapes, with the introduction of numbers, animals, plants, bugs and more.
  • Little Maths, Rhythm and Shapes (age 2 – 4 years): Activities, music, rhythm and shapes with the introduction of sea life, transport, arctic animals, bugs, planets, dinosaurs etc.
  • Little Science (age 3 – 8 years): A weekly project-based workshop using fun, interactive learning, experiments and take-home projects.
  • Big Science (age 8 – 11 years): The next step for young scientists using weekly workshops to nurture deeper scientific understanding which builds on what children learn at school.
  • LHS Academy (12 – 13 + years): Coming soon – high-level tutoring to support older children in line with the GCSE science syllabuses.
  • Science fairs and shows: Fairs, events, and one-off school and nursery shows, a great way to introduce us to new students.
  • Parties: We offer activities and demonstrations popular for children’s birthday parties.
  • Licensed programmes: We sell licensing projects directly to schools which they can run as part of their extra-curricular programmes on their own premises.

LittleHouse2.pngOur management franchise

This is the opportunity to run a profitable business that benefits your community and its children. As a franchisee, you will be building a large business base with weekly classes numbering up to 40, including between 100 – 600 students.

With our help, you will establish a team of teachers to host your classes, which means because you don’t need to be present to teach each class yourself, you can run and fill as many of them as you like. No premises is required, as classes are hosted in third-party venues.

As Little House of Science offers clients much better value for money than other education franchises, we can charge more in the market, meaning the business and its profits can grow stronger.

To enable you to succeed in running your management franchise, we provide a straightforward business model to follow:

  • Our affordable turnkey business package includes software, tablets, projectors, microscopes, lab equipment, major experiments, initial stock of class materials, initial merchandise pack, lab coats and goggles for children, accounts package and training, advertising materials, uniforms and much more.
  • Three weeks of training.
  • We assist you in recruiting and training your teaching team.
  • We provide all lesson plans and consumables.
  • We help you locate venues and negotiate prices.
  • We support your business launch and marketing.
  • If you require support and advice we are available every day to offer it.


LittleHouse3.pngWhy choose us? 

  • As a management franchise, your opportunity to expand your profits is greatly increased.
  • We give you everything you need to set up your franchise as a serious corporate endeavour, with high potential turnover.
  • In each franchise territory, we included up to 200 – 400 schools meaning you will have plenty of business.
  • Our hands-on classes which give children the opportunity to join in are a preference for both parents and students.
  • As we have four different ‘schools’ which children can move into as they grow, we can retain students from toddlers up to age 11.
  • You can earn income both by partnering with schools and by running your own classes.


Enquire today to learn more about owning your own Little House of Science management franchise.

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