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About MatchPoint

Matchpoint are a franchise consultancy service company, advising potential business owners on franchise opportunities that may be right for them. The company was originally founded in the US and now operates globally, working with regional networks to help franchisors find the right franchise owners.

The brand has developed its own methodology for this process, looking at the profile of individual candidates to ascertain the best fitting franchise opportunity for them. With a varied portfolio of businesses that cover over ten different industrial sectors, they have successfully grown across North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East as a franchise themselves.

With the franchise market growing at a fast rate across the UK, working as a franchise consultant with Matchpoint can be a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking for a consultancy or advisory business, as Matchpoint offers a rewarding role with the prospect of enjoying high financial returns.

Meet Keith Dolby:

I have been where you are now. I have felt the fears and resolved them. I have had the doubts and concerns and found the way forward.

And I want to share my success and passion for franchising with you. I sincerely believe that, based upon my personal experience, owning a franchise is the best way to go for a business owner.

What is my experience?

I am the UK Regional Vice President and longest-serving MatchPoint consultant in the UK, having been amongst the first to be invited to join MatchPoint’s UK operation in 2007 following a 25 year corporate career in IT.

My MatchPoint role introduces me to many franchises daily. I am an industry expert and regularly see franchise opportunities that are an obvious fit with my own skills and strengths. I am a Franchise Advisor myself and have made further career transitions and become involved with other business opportunities as a result, I currently own two franchise operations – practising what I preach!

Using my considerable experience, I have successfully matched many clients with franchise opportunities, including one of the nominees for the 2013 bfa Female Franchisee of the Year Award, thereby helping individuals achieve their dream of business ownership. I am regularly contacted by friends, relatives and acquaintances of those people I have helped, asking if I can do the same for them – which I am, of course, happy to do.

How much does a franchise with Matchpoint cost?

To start a franchise with Matchpoint, you will need to invest a franchisee fee of £39,700. There are also referral fees payable, which can be variable.

MatchPoint can help you evaluate and select the right franchise business. While franchise investments vary, you will need a minimum of £15,000 liquid capital AND a net worth of at least £50,000 (securities, investments, pension funds, home equity) to meet the investment parameters of most franchise companies.

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