MobileAppCity Master License

This is an offer to purchase the exclusive Master License rights for your country. You'll be selling licensed businesses to people wanting their own business – called a 'licensee.'

MobileAppCity Master License

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What the licensee will invest in:

A MobileAppCity licensee will run a business where they provide an entire range of digital media services including mobile apps to businesses. The licensee purchases the services through MobileAppCity at wholesale and retails the services to their clients. The licensee will be given everything needed to get started and build their business in this high-demand industry; this includes business setup, access to suite of digital services including mobile app development and ongoing support. There are no fixed monthly fees or royalties that the licensee needs to pay, making it a very attractive business model. MobileAppCity provides all the design services through our team of developers and designers so the licensee does not need any tech skills. The licensee only requires a basic understanding of sales, marketing and business skills.

Who we are looking for:

As a master licensee you will have a thorough understanding of the character, customs and norms of the consumers in your country and the nature of your local marketplace. By integrating this knowledge with our advanced and desirable business model, you will award licenses to individuals wanting to own a business. We will provide you with training on the systems and practices to build your master license in your country.

You will be the sole and exclusive owner of the license system in your country and will have autonomy to build a team of licensees throughout your country. You’ll earn a percentage what is made by your team of licensees, while running a business with low overhead costs.

Reasons why people become a licensee:

Here are the top six reasons savvy people are purchasing a MobileAppCity license – and why they’ll want to buy one from you:

  • Ultimate Lifestyle Business: This business has minimal overheads, no monthly fees or royalties and can offer the opportunity to work from home. There is no need for employees and they can build a team of commission-only salespeople if they wish to multiply their income. Master licensees true flexibility in becoming their own boss. With no territory restrictions, they can build their business as much as they wish. They can even run it as side or part-time business while they keep a job and transition at their pace from full-time employment into entrepreneurship.
  • Explosive market still in its infancy: With currently 81% of the population owning a mobile phone, never before has the world seen a larger market, with over 270 billion app downloads. This is an opportunity to get involved by selling customized mobile apps and a range of digital media services in this ever growing market. No technical or design experience are needed – use our professional team to create and deliver all the services their clients’ desire.
  • You help businesses increase their profits: Assist business owners in increasing sales and reducing expenses in their business through mobile apps and the suite of available digital media business services. Meanwhile (quietly in the background), we do all the heavy lifting with our team.
  • World class training and support: We understand the market and help the licensee get started quickly in this ever expanding industry. We have a powerful management platform and proven strategies that will help guide their success.
  • Have a range of Digital Media services to provide businesses: Unlike other businesses where you only have one product to sell and have to constantly find new customers, with this licensed business there is a suite of products/services so you can make multiple income streams from each client.
  • An easy business to get started in with investment in a license being just £30,000.

The founders of MobileAppCity have had experience building international franchise brands such as ActionCoach and First Choice Business Brokers. MobileAppCity was established in Australia and have 56 licensees worldwide with head offices in Australia and the United States.

For more details on how you can own the exclusive rights in this booming mobile app industry complete the form and we’ll send you a free information pack.

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