With Motorhome Depot, you can earn your income using a trusted franchising model from the comfort of your own home, meaning start-up costs stay low.

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Motorhome Depot Franchise Opportunity

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Enjoyment, High Rewards and Security

Here is a chance to join a European market leader, in a growing market, which is not a fad and cannot be disrupted by new technology. Our customers love our service, our franchisees enjoy their work and they are well-rewarded for their efforts. They work from home, set their own hours and operate in a friendly, upscale part of the leisure market.

What We Do

We are motorhome and caravan brokers. What is a motorhome broker? Think of us as the estate agents for motorhomes. An estate will come to your home, take the details, take some pictures and list the house for sale on a number of websites on a ‘no sale, no fee’ basis — well that’s exactly what we do for people’s motorhomes. Not surprisingly, the idea has really taken off; compared with the only other options of trying to sell a motorhome privately or trying to get a decent offer from a dealer, the idea of a ‘no sale, no fee’ service where the motorhome stays securely on the owner’s drive until the money is in the bank, really isn’t a hard one to sell. In fact the Great British motorhome-owning public love it!

A Large and Rapidly Expanding Market

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The leisure vehicle industry continues to increase year on year with our market sector enjoying more disposable income and leisure time. There is also a desire to fulfil lifelong ambitions through the aspirational purchase of a motorhome. A constant churn in the market sees owners trading up and down as their requirements change and a new younger generation is discovering the benefits of owning and enjoying the lifestyle that a motorhome can give.

When we started our franchise brokerage back in 2012, there were 140,000 motorhomes registered in the UK, today that number has increased significantly to 240,000. A healthier aging population has increased the demand for motorhomes where ownership is dominated by the over 55s and recent pension reforms have enabled more and more people to enter the market. The majority of motorhome owners change their motorhome every three to five years and more and more of them are discovering that brokerage is the best means to facilitate this. Our market will continue to expand and the demand for our service will grow with it.

The Opportunity

The opportunity we are offering is to become one of our franchised brokers operating in your local area and working from home – the local “Estate Agent” for motorhomes, if you like. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that most of our current brokers have come to us by word of mouth, with a number of them having been happy customers that decided to join us! We have a few gaps left in our national network and it is these that we are seeking to fill.

What Does it Take to be Successful?

Ours is a people business and therefore the most important thing that we look for is a natural ability to be good with people. You also need to be self-motivated, positive, energetic and although a little knowledge of motorhomes will help, it is not essential.

The Business Case

Couple giving thumbs-up to Motorhome DepotIn brief, ours is a business that requires no stock, no premises and no costly overheads. There is a minimum investment of £3,000 with a total investment of £25,000. Your income comes from commissions earned on the sale of motorhomes. The management team are highly experienced in franchising and the franchise has been carefully developed to be successful in line with professional guidelines and is regulated by an agreement developed by a leading British Franchise Association affiliated lawyer.

When it comes to the financial rewards, we don’t like to make wild claims and we will discuss the finances with you in detail in due course. However, what we can say with absolute certainty is that a number of our brokers are earning more than they have ever earned before, whilst enjoying a work-from-home quality of life – and the number of brokers in our £100,000+ Club is growing!

The Next Steps

The next step is to contact us for a chat and then, if we both think there is some common ground, you can come to see us and discuss the opportunity in more detail. Fill in the enquiry form now to find out more about a whole new quality of life in the leisure industry.

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