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Since 1996 nicenstripy have been offering a higher-than-standard gardening service to our customers. Over 70% of new business comes from customer recommendations due to the high standards of workmanship and more importantly reliability!

The management team who initially look after new franchisees have more than 40 years of franchising experience and have assisted more than 100 new franchisees, in a number of industries, to become successful. That expertise is available for all new franchisees to take advantage of.

You join a family of franchisees who are all eager to help, advise and offer support to every new member of the family. Every experience that you are likely to go through has already been faced by our existing franchisees. More importantly, that wealth of experience within the network is shared on an ongoing basis at the regular meetings held.

Not only do you gain a wealth of knowledge from the existing franchisees, but we have leading industry speakers and suppliers who support the nicenstripy franchise network on a regular basis. Additional qualifications are often achieved that not only give you, as a nicenstripy franchisee, more knowledge than your competitors but also industry-recognised qualifications.

A nicenstripy franchisee has one of the highest turnovers within the gardening franchise industry and many are multi-van operations making us one of the largest gardening franchises in the UK. We believe that a franchisee should be able to increase their PROFITABLE income to an infinite level. Sales in excess of £3,000 per week are not uncommon for a nicenstripy franchisee and some achieve in excess of £5,000 – £6,000 per week.

Why choose us?

The answer to the above question is simple…to be successful! The nicenstripy low-cost gardening franchise opportunity is not only one of the most rewarding financially but also has a proven track record of success with a number of franchisees.

How does it work?

The nicenstripy Call Centre will professionally answer all your initial telephone enquiries. The Call Centre is manned 24/7 and full potential customer details are taken by the trained call handlers. These details are sent to your niceneasy Office within 30 seconds of being taken, to enable you to respond when you have the time to do so, as usually, you will already be on a job earning money.

What can I earn?

Joining the nicenstripy franchise family gives you the independence to earn however much you wish!

We expect you to work very hard in your first year of business, whilst you develop the nicenstripy brand name in your exclusive protected area. After the first year, there are several choices to take. Do you want to spend much more time with your family, do you desire to visit places you have never seen before, or do you wish to become the largest gardening company in your area?

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