Build your own successful property portfolio by investing in highly profitable HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation). Renovate properties to turn them into multiple-bedroom homes let out on a room-by-room basis.

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The great thing about Platinum is that they help you with so much more than your property portfolio. They help you with life planning. While the plan now is to have a passive income for retirement, who knows whether that will change. We are young and have young children, but we are excited about the choices we will have in the future.”

KELLY & SIMON MERRY – PPP Franchise Partners since Jan-2018

“Even though the future is incredibly uncertain right now, we’re in a position where I can definitely still retire in five years and I can maintain a guaranteed income. We’ve taken control of our own destiny and that is a lovely feeling to have.”

PAUL REYNOLDS – PPP Franchise Partners since Apr-2020

Who are we?

Platinum Property Partners is a franchise which was formed in 2007; since then, the franchise has helped more than 390 Franchise Partners achieve financial freedom through property investment.

The Platinum franchise offers you a direct route to financial freedom through property investment.

We have combined the security of property with the certainty of franchising; our 390+ Franchise Partners generate, on average, between £50,000 and £150,000 in annual income from their property businesses – giving them that financial freedom but also giving them back their time, too.

How does it work?

Using a tried and tested property investment business model perfected over more than a decade, our Franchise Partners invest in highly profitable Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs), fully supported, mentored and coached by our team of property and business experts.

What is an HMO?

An HMO is a shared living property for professionals and key workers.

Guided and supported by their mentors and Platinum’s team of experts, Franchise Partners are able to buy the right properties in the right areas, before cost-effectively renovating them and turning them into multiple-bedroom homes which are let out on a room-by-room basis.

Our Franchise Partners:

  • Enjoy average returns on equity of between 10% and 15%
  • On average, earn £20,000 per property, per year – 40% more than standard single tenancy buy-to-let properties
  • Benefit from long-term capital growth in their properties, as they own all their assets 100%

The benefits of a Platinum Property Partners franchise…

Investing in HMOs is complex due to the legal and licensing requirements; mistakes like buying the wrong house in the wrong area; over-spending on renovations; or not being able to obtain planning permission are common and can be incredibly costly.

With a Platinum Property Partners franchise, you’ll be supported throughout by a team of more than 50 industry experts, so you:

  • Buy and renovate your properties cost-effectively, meaning a greater return on your investment
  • Buy the right properties in the right area and avoid costly planning mistakes
  • Find good housemates and keep them happy, so your rental income keeps coming in
  • Have access to and support from Platinum’s ‘Power Team’ of specialist mortgage brokers, accountants, solicitors and letting agents

How much do I need to invest?

The franchise fee for a 10 year term is just £32,970, however you will need to be able to raise between £300,000 and £700,000 of working capital in total which will fund your franchise fee PLUS the purchase and renovation of your first HMO, depending on where you buy naturally.

The investment can come from cash, equity in your home and even pension funding and family assets in some cases.

There are three franchise fee levels and terms in total; these are:

  • 15 years – £14,970 + VAT
  • 10 years – £32,970 + VAT
  • 7 years – £41,475 + VAT

Do I need relevant experience?

No – The most important traits in a Franchise Partner are a determination to succeed and a desire to change your life.

Our Franchise Partners come from all walks of life; some have owned other businesses; many have trodden the corporate path and now want more of their time back; while others have come into money and simply want a solid investment for their futures that also generates an immediate income to replace or boost their existing salary.

I joined in 2014 having been a teacher for seven years. I reaped all the benefits of the training and processes that come with doing this through Platinum and as well as it paying off financially, it’s also paid off mentally and physically.

LAOISE ROSSWICK – PPP Franchise Partner since 2014 

Our ideal Franchise Partner:

Platinum’s 390 Partners come from a huge range of backgrounds.

The nature of your background and skills are much less important that your determination to build your own business; create a substantial lifelong income and a better quality of life.

Training & Support:

We have a team of over 50 industry professionals involved in the highly effective, intensive and on-going training programme; including specialist mortgage brokers, accountants, solicitors and lettings agents, as well as renovation and negotiation experts.

It’s easy to make costly mistakes when investing in HMO properties, but our people are there to make sure you don’t…

Franchise Partners are required to attend multiple mandatory training days, where we provide help & guidance in:

  • Buying & renovating
  • Planning & licensing
  • Finance & lending
  • Legal & conveyancing
  • Property conveyancing
  • Lettings compliance
  • Health and safety
  • Marketing & finding tenants
  • Tenant care

Available Territories:

Platinum Property Partners currently have availability in a number of key locations nationwide, enquire today and receive our free brochure.

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