Runway Pilates operate Reformer Pilates Studios, which provide improved health and wellness to our clients.

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Full Description

Specialising in Reformer Pilates allows us to use machines, suitable for everyone, from beginner to world class athletes.

Reformer Pilates offers many more benefits than mat or classic fitness workouts due to the resistance of the pulley and spring system of the Reformer machine. It is more dynamic and intense than its mat work counterpart because most of the exercises are performed through greater ranges of motion and involve resistance that is applied from springs and pulleys.

Runway Pilates offers expert instructor led group-based Reformer Pilates classes and one to one’s in a fun, dynamic and varied timetable which will challenge clients and their bodies, correct their form giving them a body that FEELS great, LOOKS great and IS great.

Some Benefits of Reformer Pilates


  • Improves posture.
  • Enhances core strength and stability.
  • Improves balance and coordination.
  • Prevention and relief of back pain.
  • Prevents Injury.
  • Enhances athletic performance.
  • Improves muscular balance and strength.
  • Increase flexibility and mobility.
  • Heightens mind and body awareness.
  • Improves incontinence control.
  • Enhances physical and emotional well-being.

The Runway Pilates Opportunity

Warm, welcoming, bright and beautiful, our boutique studios are thoughtfully-designed sanctuaries from the noise of busy gyms, the chaos of community centres, and the worries of home and work. Our studios are sought-after safe havens for novices, coveted as classes by the experienced, and enjoyed by everyone in between. Runway Pilates Studios, like pilates itself, are designed for all.

Clients are empowered at Runway Pilates. They choose from single classes, class packs, memberships and even one-to-one tuition. They have the flexibility to choose the experience, level of engagement, time and day they want.

It’s easy to deliver with our method – highly popular and profitable, too.

These are the studios most clients and instructors dream of building, and dream of calling their own.

We invite you to step up from the side-lines and onto the Runway.

This can be your studio – the business you build and own. It costs less than you might think and has the potential to generate more than you might imagine—and do a world of good for both you and your clients.

Catherine Hebb developed and refined the Runway Pilates system and has dedicated herself over many years to sharing Runway Pilates with clients and is now looking for partners with whom to collaborate in its growth across the UK.

The Opportunity

If you are a hands-on business person with an ambition to own and operate a boutique Reformer Pilates studio and develop it into a local centre of excellence and are willing to apply our proven methods and work with our support and guidance – this could be the golden opportunity for you.

Our franchisees provide their clients with a first-class experience. This includes expert Reformer Pilates tuition and outstanding customer care in settings that are consistently friendly, attractive and professional.

Franchisees are supported in establishing, developing and managing their studio following our proven methodology, in consistently providing our signature experience, and in building a successful business. We give this support through the provision of:

  • Our brand, trading and proven business methodology and style.
  • An exclusive territory.
  • A substantial franchise package.
  • Comprehensive training.
  • Guidance in identifying and acquiring suitable premises.
  • Guidance in shop fitting and equipment installation.
  • Business launch support.
  • Ongoing business support, including a telephone and email helpline, and the advice and guidance of a dedicated franchise manager.
  • Access to Runway Pilates merchandise at favourable prices.

The Runway Pilates business will require the Franchisee’s full time and attention in the early days. The Franchisee may choose to employ a qualified manager to handle day-to-day operations following the successful launch of the business.

The franchisee will require at least two other instructors from the outset and may need to hire more as the business grows. Again, advice and guidance will be provided.

All franchisees are expected to actively develop their business to its full potential with franchisor support through regular marketing and the consistent provision of an excellent customer experience.

Our customers are men and women of all ages and from all walks of life, and with a wide range of ability. Our corporate locations have tended to attract a clientele that is widely varied, from professionals at work to retirees of both sexes.

Financial Information


  • Initial franchise package fee is £12,000 plus VAT.
  • Deposit required to secure the territory £5,000.
  • Ongoing management fee of 10% plus VAT of net turnover.
  • Additional costs are dependent on the size and condition of the premises. Excluding property costs, these are estimated at £42,000 plus VAT.
  • Help with finance is available through third parties and major banks.

A complete breakdown of the investment and the Franchise Package contents will be supplied to all qualified applicants.

The Next Steps


Please submit your details via the form below and you will receive our detailed prospectus by email. We appreciate that your time is important and so will not contact you. Just read through the information and if you think it’s a business that could suit you, get in touch.

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