Company Overview

Telcoinabox is a business opportunity, for individuals or established businesses, wanting to sell quality telecommunications products at highly competitive prices. The business is backed by our world-class model, systems, support, and infrastructure.

For people looking to start their own business or looking to create a new revenue stream and add telecoms to an existing business portfolio, this is a great opportunity for you!

Franchise Overview

Our opportunity is available to all looking to set up and operate within the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland and has been operational for over 18 years now. Operating under your own brand, whether you’re new to the industry or well-established, we have a solution for you.

Our low costs reduce the barriers to entering the telecoms industry. This makes Telcoinabox the first choice for start-up businesses, experienced dealers and resellers or established businesses looking to add telecoms to complement their portfolio.

Key Information

  • Network Size: 51-100 operating retail partners
  • Franchise Type: Opportunity for both Management and Job franchise
  • Operation Location: Home-based and office-based
  • Market: B2B & B2C

Typical Start-up Costs

  • £9,000 plus VAT – Self Starter Package
  • £20,000 plus VAT – Franchise Package

Other possible franchise running costs:

  • Business Development & Training
  • Leads (qualified Leads) £55 + VAT
  • Training £60 + VAT

Commercial Premises Costs:

  • A commercial office lease (per calendar month) Not Required
  • Shop front lease (per calendar month) Not Required
  • Shop front re-fit (depending on premises) Not Required

Furniture & Equipment

  • Office furniture: Not required
  • Black & white laser printer: Not required
  • Mobile phone (per calendar month): Not required
  • Fax: Not required

Minimum Personal Investment

Personal overheads for 12-18 months – depending on ongoing overhead amount and conservative achievable financial forecast (clarified in Discovery Phase)


Upon receiving payment, you will be invited to 3 days of on-site training at our offices. Here you will learn everything you need to know about the services you will be providing your customers. Leaving that training, you will receive all in documentation you saw throughout your training.

After that, you will receive continued support from the Telcoinabox team on any issues that may arise.

Daily Life of a Franchisee

The daily life of our franchisees would include (but not limited to); establishing new business; by elevating your brand, exploring opportunities via personal/professional/supplied networks, attending sales appointments, and ensuring existing customers are happy with the services they are receiving. This can be achieved while working from home, in an office or even out on the road.

In summary, all you need to do is just add customers and maintain existing customers.

  • "The service support supplied to assist you in the early development launch is constructive and prompt, making the initial obvious personal concerns reduce swiftly. The honesty and followed up delivery soon becomes a worry of the past. I have found the team at ..." Read More...

    Michael Curgenven – Better Connected

    Michael Curgenven – Better Connected

  • "I was about to agree with another supplier out there, who was going to pay me on the basis of ‘move the client over and they pay me for that sale’ and I’d have no control over the client. I work very hard and I work very hard with people, and I just felt..." Read More...

    Kumar Hamid – Ayrtel

    Kumar Hamid – Ayrtel

  • "Telcoinabox provide a comprehensive solution for any telecoms reseller. They offer a wide product portfolio for our customers, bringing new services to market to keep our proposition up to date. The technical helpdesk answered in our company name is knowledgea..." Read More...

    Duncan Beard – Trio Telecom

    Duncan Beard – Trio Telecom

  • "Every company needs an efficient back office. They’re the magic behind the scenes that makes us look good in front of our customers. Telcoinabox provides us with the platforms and tools that enable us to do our job. They allow us to compete with the big boys..." Read More...

    Ben Ginsburg – Glow Telecom

    Ben Ginsburg – Glow Telecom

  • "We would recommend Telcoinabox to individuals who want to have their own business but may have less experience running a business as they provide all the necessary platforms like Billing, Finance, Legal, Tech Support and more and also educate you how to implem..." Read More...

    Mohan & Rita Sharma – Morita Telecom

    Mohan & Rita Sharma – Morita Telecom

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