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When we decided to offer the opportunity to franchise our unique business model, we also decided that our approach to franchising should be based on exactly the same ethics, values and guiding principles as our approach to our customers and our business, in other words:

  • Value: An obsession with offering genuine value for money
  • Honesty: Honesty and fairness in all aspects of our relationships with our franchise partners
  • Loyalty: Franchise relationships built on foundations of mutual benefit, trust and desire

Our franchise offer

We offer you the use of our proven business model, and regular on-site support delivered by highly qualified and experienced members of our team to assist you as you run and develop your own business.

You also benefit from the use of our brand and trademarks and the opportunity to be part of a growing community of like-minded and passionate business owners who all share our values and beliefs. We will also support you in the marketing of your business.

Our fees

We believe that our franchise partners should be the primary beneficiaries of their own hard work…..that’s only fair. Our Monthly Fees are therefore fixed at £1,500 plus VAT. This provides a genuine incentive for our franchise partners to drive for more and more success because quite simply they retain all of the incremental benefits.

What do we as franchisor get you may well ask…? Quite simply, by charging a fixed monthly fee we get a predictable, fair return but crucially we also have highly motivated franchise partners who know that the more revenue that they generate from their businesses, the more they actually keep themselves.…a winning and sustainable formula we believe.

Unlike most other franchisors in the UK, we have no other revenue streams….no ‘kickbacks’ from suppliers, no commissions, no ‘central marketing charge’, no renewal fees… This means that our interests and those of our franchise partners are completely aligned… to maximise the revenues and profitability of each and every franchised business.

Our territories

Franchisors typically divide the country into 100 or more territories which they then offer to potential franchisees.

We have only created 40 UK territories. We believe that this small number is completely unique in the world of franchising and our reasoning for this…. we want our franchise partners to have the opportunity to open their initial studio and establish their business with absolutely no pressure from a potential lack of population.

We also want to provide our franchise partners with the opportunity to open a further studio within their territory if they so choose; the size of our territories will allow this opportunity.

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