The market for renting appliances is expanding, and since we are aware that sometimes our customers cannot afford to purchase the necessities outright, we offer flexibility. The expense of the items that customers need can be spread out in a method that works for them. Paying “bit by bit” allows clients with lower incomes and fewer credit choices to rent the furniture and appliances they need for their homes on a payment schedule they can manage.

Anyone who wants to take charge of their future using a tested business strategy should consider joining our franchise. It’s simple to get started, you don’t need any prior expertise or specialised knowledge, and the entrance charges are among the lowest you’ll discover.

We have a different approach to business and the market than most people do.

The target market is currently approx. 12 million people in the UK and is currently worth 100s £millions and growing. Now is an excellent time to be setting up an appliance rental business in the UK.

Why Yes Appliance Rentals?

  • Recurring revenue system – Has many customers, each paying small amounts of money on a regular basis.
  • Exciting brand.
  • You can expect regular, ongoing income, even when on holiday.
  • Totally automated with our software.
  • Experienced management infrastructure.
  • Simple business follow the system.
  • Up to 100% gross margins achievable.
  • Your hours can be flexible allowing you to work around your lifestyle commitments. No weekend work is required.
  • Don’t just buy a job…. Get a business that makes REAL PROFITS!

As a Yes Appliance Rentals partner, you will have the freedom to be your own boss, but at the same time have all the benefits of an experienced team. We provide everything you need to start and grow your business, with comprehensive training on policies, procedures, sales & marketing, all with support from a highly experienced management team.

”Having looked at various franchises we decided on Yes Appliance Rentals due to the high returns, high demand and excellent head office support, since joining our income and profits have far exceeded our expectations and would definitely recommend the franchise.”

Mike & Matt Yes Appliance Rentals Wigan

I have found my journey with Yes Appliance Rentals great. Low rates compared to the competition. Exciting times ahead as the business expands.

I am loving looking at my book expand week by week, which gives me the drive.

I worked hard for a similar organisation for years making them lots of money. Now it’s time for me to benefit from my hard work.

Darren Hill Yes Appliance Rentals South Birmingham.

Just look at how quickly it can grow!

£141K loan book in only 8 months

£141K loan book in only 8 months, just look at how quickly one of new franchisees has built their book in only 8 months, facts below:

1. Over £141k loan book built in just 8 months £141,221.**

2. Which will generate over £5,800** gross income per month that will keep growing as more contracts are written.

**based on actual figures.

Interested? Let’s talk.

Instead of just thinking about it, start your own home-based business today! We can provide you with a road map to a business that generates passive revenue along with ongoing training and assistance.

Therefore, get in touch with us and let us show you how to launch your appliance rental company right now. With this tried-and-true business approach, you’ll be astounded by how quickly your rental book and your weekly cash revenue expand.

Let’s see if we can collaborate. Contact us right away, and we’ll discuss how current franchisees are faring, anticipated start-up times in your neighbourhood, and what you’ll need to do to be successful. Due to the current economic unrest in the UK, this industry is expanding and is expected to continue doing so.

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