Apollo Care Franchisor Interview: Cheryl White

Apollo Care (Franchising) limited is offering like-minded people an opportunity to join our award-winning home care team as franchisees. We offer an excellent management support package, a large territory area and advice and support for the life of the franchise.

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Apollo Care Franchisor Interview: Cheryl White

Founder of Apollo Care, Cheryl White, explains how and why she started a care franchise.

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What was your career background before franchising (including what your job / career was immediately before)

Before I set up my Apollo business I worked as a District Nurse looking after patients in their own homes. I set the business up as I could not find a home care company that I could recommend to my patients, so I decided to start a company that was much needed.

When you started your business did you know that you would be going the franchise route?

Never! It was not something I had even heard of before. I just wanted to provide a good care service, locally that people could rely on.

Were you, effectively, the first franchisee (pilot franchisee)?

I was. The business ran for 18 months, very successfully before I decided to franchise.

Before franchising your business did you have any other pilot franchisees?

No, just my own branch which I original that set up in 2011.

How did you discover franchising as a means of growing your business? (When & where)

In 2012 I went to see my accountant who suggested that I look at franchising my business as it was a huge success very quickly. I agreed then googled “what is franchising” when I got home!

Why did you choose franchising over opening company owned outlets?

Care is such an important part of somebodies life and I wanted to ensure that the people who joined my business were as passionate about changing peoples lives as I was. I also knew that franchising would give me the time to really work on my business, creating an outstanding care providing team that is recognised for its compassion and dedication to improving standards. I would like every vulnerable person to experience Apollo Care and live the very best life that they can. Franchising is enabling me to do this.

How long have you been franchising your business?

7 years and we now have 9 franchisees as I wanted to limit the number of new franchisees able to join the business each year, so I can be sure we have the capacity to support them. I am now looking to add just 2 franchisees a year

What challenges have you faced since franchising your business?

The biggest challenge we have ever faced has been COVID 19. Our teams really needed our guidance and support to help them develop new management styles of remote working and support our fantastic care team. We worked around the clock to ensure all of our staff had the correct PPE and that our clients were safe and no calls were missed. It was a tough time but we came out stronger than ever before and our teams have grown in so many ways over the past 5 months.

What ‘highs’ have you experienced since franchising your business?

My highs always come when we receive amazing client testimonials about how Apollo have literally changed somebody’s life. I also celebrated when, as a brand we had a million pound turnover year. We are now multi millions but its always a great buzz to see the figures and how much we have grown from an idea I had one day in work 😊

How many franchisees do you currently have? 9 How many franchisees would see you at full capacity? 30 What initial & on-going training and support do you offer to your franchisees?

We run an initial 7 day training programme that covers everything the franchisee needs to know about running an Apollo business. They meet the head office team and all of our associated experts so they really start to feel a part of the team from day 1. We then run monthly training sessions that franchisees can “dip” in and out of depending on their own self development needs.

What would your advice be to someone thinking of buying a franchise?

Speak to current franchisees and ask lots of questions! Meet the franchisors and see if you feel a connection as you will be working closely together for a while. Ask about the company values, what’s important within the business and how the whole team work and fit together.

Cheryl adds that:

“Apollo is a value based company and we live and breath our values into everything that we do..

  • Caring
  • Inspiring
  • Empowering
  • Supporting

“From our value based recruitment, value based training and creating care packages that empower our clients, Apollo aims to touch the lives, in a very positive way, of everybody we come into contact with.”

“While Apollo Care franchisees come from all sorts of professional careers; if you follow my guidelines, your Apollo business will reward you financially, but with Apollo, care comes first – I only want applicants who are serious about improving standards of care in their locality.”

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