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Auditel is a network of around 100 Procurement, Supply Chain and Business Transformation Consultants spread throughout the UK, delivering cost saving and profit boosting solutions to over 3000 clients over the last 26 years.

Use your experience and skills as part of Auditel to make a real difference to other organisations whilst developing a great business of your own - many Auditel franchisees earn significant six-figure incomes.


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As business management consultants, Auditel franchisees are experts in uncovering cost-effective strategies, saving their clients’ money. As each business flourishes, franchisees source new initiatives, which become beneficial to the wider network.

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In fact, Auditel actually make space for franchisees to contribute. Last year, head office created a number of working groups, inviting franchisees to develop resources for specific industries. Paul Foster, of Milton Keynes, was invited to be a part of one such group.

“In 2017, I was invited to join Auditel’s catering and hospitality working group by the Head of Business Development, Max Kent.” Paul says. “It has been a great opportunity, and within three months, I was asked to lead the group, based on my ability to action the ideas we were developing,” says Paul.

Paul joined the Auditel network in 2011, and has built a successful business based on the business model Auditel has established over two decades. Max confirms: “I invited Paul to help lead a special project, assisting us to develop a more fully-formed service. This was the catalyst for providing an extremely powerful and rewarding collaboration between us and our network.”

The working group has already:

  • Developed a multi-million pound opportunity for Auditel.
  • Changed how Auditel markets to certain sectors.
  • Transformed Auditel’s collaborative nature.

One of the key areas Paul developed was in offering clients more advanced business data. In partnership, Auditel has developed a system which provides clients with real-time data.

“Not only is this of benefit to our clients,” Paul says, “120 potential new clients have been brought into the network, shared among the franchisees, and £3bn worth of spend is potentially at Auditel’s disposal. This is great for Auditel franchisees, as we grow our individual businesses, and shows how we truly are not alone as we build our own businesses.”

By digitalising everything, analysis and reports for clients are generated easily. “This means our time and skills are better utilised, so we can meet with clients and network for new customers. I have found this is the best practice to build my business.” Paul says.

As a result of his developments for the Auditel network, Paul was awarded Auditel’s Positive Contribution, 2017 award, based on franchisees’ responses.

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