Auditel Franchisee Balances Growing his Business with his Newly Growing Family

Auditel is a network of around 100 Procurement, Supply Chain and Business Transformation Consultants spread throughout the UK, delivering cost saving and profit boosting solutions to over 3000 clients over the last 26 years.

Use your experience and skills as part of Auditel to make a real difference to other organisations whilst developing a great business of your own - many Auditel franchisees earn significant six-figure incomes.


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When his wife had a baby earlier this year, Stephen Sowerby had already established the ideal solution for him to be able to balance his work around his new family.

Auditel Franchise

Based on Auditel’s proven business formula, Stephen Sowerby has proven he has been able to build the business he wants, the way he wanted. “I can be flexible with how I structure my time, to focus on what is most important to me. So, if I need to do something during the day, I can schedule work around my life; rather than organising my life around work,” says Stephen.

This level of flexibility has been exactly what Stephen has most benefitted from as his young family has grown, alongside his successfully growing business. “Earlier this year, we welcomed our daughter into the world. Having the freedom and time to enjoy these early stages of her life has been exactly why I wanted to avoid commuting into the City. I’ve worked hard to reach this point, by following the Auditel model. Having the ongoing support of both Head Office, and the network, has been exactly what I needed to help me be at this point of my life.”

As a twenty-something qualified accountant, with five years’ experience in a ‘Big Four’ accountancy firm under his belt, Stephen made the decision to ‘seize the day’ while he was still young enough to be able to enjoy it. “My dream goal was to be self-employed.” he says. “I hated commuting into the City each day; I don’t know how people do it for so long!”

Founded in 1994, Auditel help UK companies make effective and informed procurement decisions. Auditel’s business management specialists, work alongside FDs, CEOs, and business owners throughout the UK, delivering new insights to drive change and increase profitability, competitiveness and growth. Their proven, award-winning business model, has been successfully replicated by over 160 franchisees, nationwide. “As soon as I had made my decision to join Auditel, it wasn’t difficult to make the move,” Stephen says. “In fact, the transition was relatively easy, especially with their training, systems and support.”

As Stephen’s business grows, the Auditel network will be able to guide him as he adjusts to working his business around his new family. Having the flexibility of running your own business means you can choose the hours you work, even if your new baby decides to entertain you in the early hours.

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