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Auditel is a network of around 100 Procurement, Supply Chain and Business Transformation Consultants spread throughout the UK, delivering cost saving and profit boosting solutions to over 3000 clients over the last 26 years.

Use your experience and skills as part of Auditel to make a real difference to other organisations whilst developing a great business of your own - many Auditel franchisees earn significant six-figure incomes.


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Former engineer advises “Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.”

Auditel Franchise

Paul Millican was fortunate to be in quite a unique situation when he entered the Auditel network. He not only knew exactly what franchising was, but also that the Auditel franchise would be ideal for him.

When he joined the Auditel network in 2013, Paul had been running his own cost management business for 10 years. He turned to Auditel because he wanted the opportunity to create a scalable and profitable long term business while continuing to operate in the industry that he is passionate about.

“With Auditel you have the ability to build project teams quickly and you have a wide range of skillsets and expertise to call on should you need to.”

Auditel gives you the opportunity to transfer your existing skills into a business that will work for you. Paul was very quick to engage with the rest of the network in joint venturing and this proved to be the perfect strategy, enabling Paul to offer his existing clients an even broader service across all the cost management spectrum, targeting Gas & Electricity, Telecoms & Waste Management with great success. Within a very short time, Paul had secured significant contracts for his business which proved beneficial for the network.

Being a franchisee has natural benefits of being backed by robust processes and practices. Paul explains that being an Auditel franchisee means that he can offer the whole market a full cost management service.

“We can now offer the whole market a full service and bring in experts from any category from within the company [network] and I can confidently say we can do it to any enquiry.”

In 2014, he was awarded the “Team Builder of the Year” when he was collaborating with other members of the Auditel network who were each offering their speciality to his clients.

Auditel is the UK’s pioneer of strategic cost management. Auditel assist and educate their clients to make smarter buying and management decisions, leading to great working relationships with suppliers, business growth and longevity.

“It is my plan to have 3 employees by the end of this year. We have the business coming through to support this, and it is fantastic to be able to tap into Auditel’s resources,” says Paul.

Auditel franchisees work smarter and more efficiently to achieve their goals of increased flexibility and income. Auditel’s network of high calibre professionals have the choice to operate as a home-based business or to utilise the network, the business and analytical tools available so that they can grow as multi-fee earning, scalable businesses and employers in their own right.

“Genuinely Auditel give you the flexibility to build your business to whatever shape you want it to be so you can operate as a sole trader or as I have proven you can use it to grow…hand on heart I would never have done this if I had been doing it on my own,” Paul states.

Paul has also benefited from being a member of the wider franchising community too. He describes his relationship with Auditel’s owner Chris Allison as one of mentorship which has been invaluable to him.

“I have received knowledge and expertise way beyond what it says on the box, so to speak!”

Paul admits that as a business owner, already in the industry, he found it quite a challenge during his training to become an Auditel franchisee.

“Nobody was asking me to re-invent the wheel, but I was forced to look at my own methods and unlearn some bad habits that I may have picked up, even though they had been working well enough for me in my own business.”

Paul found that the comprehensive training “reminded him of things he had forgotten” and that it also gave him lots of new strategies and ideas to work with. Some of the most successful franchisees in the network are the ones who follow the franchise model and utilise all the benefits that the network offers.

“The training framework we were given is excellent but it also allows you to put your own flavour on it. It gives me the foundations and the building blocks of the business and yet it still allows me to run my own business.”

At the heart of his success, apart from his drive,obvious passion and his excellent use of the Auditel framework, is his ability to build excellent relationships with his business acquaintances.

“Since 2007, everything has come through recommendation and referral. It is absolutely about servicing your clients really well and they will remain.”

Paul spends his time predominantly “front of house” and in any given week he spends time in and out of the office preparing tenders or visiting clients or prospect suppliers and clients. He also spends time with his Auditel affiliates training or networking.

“I love my business- it is the most interesting job I have ever had. Every day is different, every client is different and every job is different. I just love it and I cannot see myself wanting to ever do anything else. I hate networking really but I do like building relationships.”

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