Bodybuilder becomes businessman at Revive! Edinburgh

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An amateur bodybuilder has just launched his own car bodywork repair business called Revive! Edinburgh.

Revive News Nov 12-1

It is a very busy time for Scott Imrie, who as well as starting his new business and preparing for the Scottish national bodybuilding championships, has also recently got engaged to his girlfriend Kirsty.

Scott, 28, of Johnstone Court, Falkirk, spent 10 years as a manufacturing engineer before deciding to set up his own business at Revive! Edinburgh repairing scuffs and scrapes to vehicle paintwork and alloy wheels.

Revive! has one of the largest networks of technicians throughout the UK and is the preferred supplier of SMART repairs to major car dealerships and fleet operators serving customers including Alfa Romeo Fiat, Lex Autolease and Mercedes.

Scott said that one of the main things that attracted him to Revive! was the opportunity to be his own boss coupled with the continued support that Revive! provide for their new franchisees.

“I have wanted to run my own business for a long time,” said Scott, who works out in the gym for one hour every weekday.

“I want to get into a management role and one day expand and run more vans. I have always liked cars so Revive! Edinburgh will be a perfect opportunity for me to combine my passion with business.”

Scott’s top tips for keeping your vehicle bodywork in tip-top condition are:

  1. Always use a good quality wash system – cheap detergents can damage shine or fade paint.
  2. Use high quality chamois or micro fibre cloths to dry the vehicle
  3. Do not valet vehicles in bright sunlight
  4. Regularly apply a high quality wax to the vehicle – at least once a month
  5. Remove all watches, bracelets, rings or other jewellery before applying wax.
  6. Don’t apply/polish wax in circles, always use straight lines
  7. Regularly apply a treatment to the interior of the vehicle e.g. leather to stop it drying and cracking – use a good quality leather care cream
  8. Garage vehicles when not in use and avoid parking under trees for any length of time
  9. Have the vehicles inspected regularly by an expert to identify scuffs/ scratches or stone chips
  10. Get minor scratches, scuffs or stone chips repaired as soon as possible to avoid corrosion – nip minor damage n the bud as corrosion can seriously affect the trade-in or re-sale value of the vehicle.

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