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OSCAR Pet Foods is the complete pet care service franchise, a fantastic opportunity for you to offer a unique customer service package and take your share of the £4 billion pet service industry!

OSCAR Pet Foods

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OSCAR is more than just cat food. Our all-round nutrition, complete with total dental care, comes packed in a variety of five flavours.


From the age of 7 months a cat will have all its adult teeth and without proper care 70% start to show signs of oral disease by the age of 3. OSCAR for Cats adult foods now have the benefit of StayClean oral care – a fine powdered form of Vitamin C which is designed to do the work of a toothbrush.

The teeth cleaning process for a cat is almost impossible and, based on the structure of their jaw, the crushing and tearing process benefits from StayClean, which acts as a mouthwash and is proven to significantly reduce the formation of plaque and tartar whilst supporting gum health.

Clinical trials concluded that after 28 days of eating food with StayClean there was a marked improvement, demonstrating that 27% less plaque and 14% less tartar against foods without StayClean.

At OSCAR we always put your pet first and, knowing how discerning cats can be, our new range of cat food has added freshness and is prepared with only natural ingredients. Devoid of artificial colourings, flavourings and derivatives this fully balanced, complete food provides a wealth of nutritional benefits, including prebiotics to maintain a healthy gut and formulations to help reduce the risk of urinary stones.

OSCAR Adult Care Chicken is ideal for seniors – containing the added benefit of glucosamine for joint health and cranberry, which is a natural diuretic to reduce urinary tract infections – a common and unpleasant experience for cats.

Another speciality is Turkey Lite. The name speaks for itself in weight control but it also contains lignocellulose fibre, a major player in fur ball control – another common problem for cats, especially those with long coats.

The OSCAR CAT STARTER PACK is a great introduction to our new foods and comes complete with a pack of treats and a handy storage bucket to maintain freshness – ALL FOR JUST £5!

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