Business Tycoon Haroon Ahmed Signs Multi-Million Pound Deal with Treatz Desserts

Treatz is an exciting and vibrant brand, driven to deliver the ultimate dessert experience.

Treatz Desserts

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With over 25 years of owning, managing and operating multi-unit petrol forecourts, seasoned business tycoon Haroon Ahmed recognises that very few people have the natural ability or expertise to be efficient at all aspects of running a successful business.

Treatz Desserts Franchise

This is why he opted for a franchisor’s experience in his latest multi-million pound business venture.

“As an enterpriser, you never sit back, you are always looking for new opportunities.” states Haroon. looked at the various markets and industries in great detail over the last 2 years and after scrutinizing all options I saw the dessert parlour market not only to be up and coming but also the most successful and profitable industry. The growth potential is huge, especially with such a wide target audience as dessert parlours appeal is not restricted just to the younger demographics and families but also attracts a maturer crowd. All in all it’s a winning formula.”

Seasoned entrepreneur, Haroon Ahmed, further elaborated on what attracted to him to Treatz Desserts: “When I was researching the market, I was not only looking for a dynamic brand who is able to adapt to the market conditions, but also a brand who listens to it’s franchise partners. When I met with Treatz Desserts, it was evident that they work closely with their franchisees to not only support them but also listen carefully to their feedback. In business you have to be able to listen to your consumers and customers and to discover their wants and cater to them.”

Regarding his experience with the brand so far, Haroon states that he “couldn’t be more pleased with the whole process as the support I received from head office has been remarkable. I have just launched my first store in Swansea (Parc Tawe Retail Park) and the response from the local public has been absolutely phenomenal. People are loving the brand here in Swansea and so we’re happy to let them know about our expansion plans across South Wales and the rest of the UK.”

Discussing his future plans as a franchise partner with Treatz Desserts, Haroon Ahmed expressed his goal of opening 10 prime locations within a 3 year period: “Swansea was a great learning curve for me as it taught me all the processes from A-Z to get my store operating and since we opened our doors the numbers we’re doing are fantastic. I plan to open 4 more stores within a year period and have already have 3 brilliant sites in hand.”

Haroon’s growth plans provide opportunities for investors and potential partnerships as he believes this is one of the keys to dynamic growth. “I am open to investors and partners coming on board if they share the same vision as me in terms of growth. It is an exciting period for me and I’m looking forward to further building my portfolio with Treatz Desserts.”

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