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October may have seen our temperatures fall, but it was a month in which CENTURY 21 UK went from strength to strength.

CENTURY 21 Franchise

With three new franchise signings, plus one conversion franchise, it’s clear that the only way is up. The franchise signings originated in Cambridge, Gerrards Cross and Kew Bridge, whereas the conversion could be found further up North in Rotherham where an existing estate agent opted to rebrand as CENTURY 21 UK to boost their area presence.

Mitch Da Silva, our new Cambridge franchisee, has lived in the university town of Oxford for a number of years while working within the education sector. While originally from South Africa, he spent a considerable amount of time in Portugal, meaning he understands the international brand potential that Century 21 offers. Cambridge was a natural choice for Mitch, who was attracted to its multi-cultural, diverse flavour, and of course the world-famous university. With plans to headhunt for a strong, experienced team to drive CENTURY 21 Cambridge forward, Mitch will showcase an office with some unique USPs that no other agent currently offers.

Gerrards Cross in Buckinghamshire is the perfect location for our second new Century 21 franchise, which will be under the experienced eye of Mehrdad Tamiz, who is local to the region. Through his years spent here, Mehrdad knows what is expected from an estate agent, from a seller’s point of view. He is also an experienced lecturer, having spent many years leading Business Studies and Operation classes in Kuwait. This also naturally means Mehrdad is well versed in how a new business should be operated, and has an opportunity to put his theory to the test. Having spent many years buying and selling property himself, Mehrdad is wonderfully positioned to ensure that a high level of customer service is provided to all clients.

Finally, we come to Kew Bridge, our third and final new franchise. Mark and Eli live right next to Kew Bridge, making it a natural location for them to open their first CENTURY 21 franchise. They make an international pairing, with Mark originating from South Africa, whereas Eli is from Bulgaria. They have both travelled far and wide, meaning they are very familiar with the CENTURY 21 brand worldwide. The pair already run a successful business in the local area, meaning Mark and Eli know the key ingredients needed to make a new business thrive, and have plans to bring a very knowledgeable local lettings expert on board to work with them.

As we get settled into November, we wish our newest recruits well and can’t wait to see all that they can achieve in the New Year.

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