Determination drives Basingstoke business to record heights

Revive! is a multi-award-winning franchise offering a tried and tested route to building your own successful multi-van smart repair business.


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Newly launched cosmetic vehicle repair business Revive! Basingstoke is celebrating a hugely successful first month of trading, with sales 135 per cent above target.

Michal Lepiarz, Revive! Basingstoke

The impressive performance beat all previous ‘first month of trading’ figures for Revive! franchisees across the UK. Total sales are 22 per cent higher than that of the previous record holder.

Experienced car repair specialist Michal Lepiarz set up the franchise in July and worked tenaciously to establish his business with regular work from local car dealerships. These contracts now form 70 per cent of total sales, which is boosted with retail work that he often carries out at weekends.

A combination of proven expertise, gained from ten years working in the industry, and sheer hard work underpinned Michal’s success. The business is a team effort, with his partner Irmina assisting at weekends and with paperwork.

“We saw from the outset that Michal had the makings of a good businessman, as well as being an excellent car repair specialist,” says Mark Llewellyn, Managing Director of Revive!. “When he resolved to beat the previous new franchise record, we knew he would be a strong contender. However, this level of success is unprecedented – he has blown us away. This is just the beginning. We are eager to see how Michal’s business grows and will be here to offer support whenever he needs it.”

“I knew that setting up contracts with dealerships would be the best way to get my franchise off to a good start,” says Michal. “Thanks to my training with Revive! I was able to approach dealerships confidently with a strong business case. I’m really excited about what the future holds and looking forward to developing the business.”

Revive!’s customers include car dealerships, fleet operators and private motorists. Smart repair is a quality, cost effective and time-saving alternative to taking a vehicle to a bodyshop for minor paintwork repairs. Costing far less than most insurance policy excesses, the work is fully guaranteed and carried out at a time and place to suit the customer, minimising vehicle downtime and protecting the owner’s no claims bonus. 

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