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OSCAR Pet Foods is the complete pet care service franchise, a fantastic opportunity for you to offer a unique customer service package and take your share of the £4 billion pet service industry!

Oscar Pet Foods

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Read on to get the latest gossip from Oscar’s including news of their franchisees, customers as well as some helpful tips for caring for the furry ones in your life this winter.

Franchisee Focus


Katherine Mchenry
Richard Woolnough,
Etchinghill, Kent

January 2003

Because we are animal lovers we jumped at the opportunity to work for ourselves when our local Oscar franchisee was ready to retire. Having been Oscar customers for some time we were more than happy to take on an established business that offered a quality product. In spite of our confidence in the product, we made sure that our investment was thoroughly checked before making a final commitment.

Taking over an existing area gave us a head start but ultimately our ambition is to continue to increase our customer base and turnover. While we’re working hard, our cats, Riley and Thomas T, and Jack Russells, Calvin and his son Douglas, will continue to enjoy a happier, healthier and longer life by simply eating away at our stock!

Customer Focus

When Billy Met Peppa and Oscar

Oscar Pet Foods Franchise Opportunity_2

We had lost touch with what’s in vogue for dogs having left it some years before buying a new puppy. Peppa moved in and Billy, our cat, almost moved out but with perseverance peace prevails and Billy stayed. The introduction to the OSCAR home delivery service and quality food has been a great support, taking the worry out of everything we needed to get a very energetic working Cocker Spaniel puppy off to a good start in life. Peppa is literally a shining example of her quality diet and thanks to Jill and Steve Tubbs with their complete pet care service we need not look any further.

Oscar Re-Sale Opportunity Of The Month

Covering parts of West Berkshire, East Wiltshire and North Hampshire

The geography of my area covers the whole spectrum, from major towns to isolated villages with old and new estates, cottages and farms.  There is generally a high level of employment in the area with some areas having higher than average house prices and income.

To be an OSCAR franchisee you do not have to be a pet lover yet you can still enjoy the many rewards of dealing with pets and people. The satisfaction comes from providing an excellent service to people who really care about their animals. There is no doubt that it is hard work but you can rest assured that you will have total back-up and support from the staff at Head Office in Preston.

Jo Richardson – Stow

If you would like to find out more about this Business For Sale please contact us and we will arrange for further details to be forwarded.

The benefits of buying an existing business:

  • Established customer base
  • Performance data
  • Name and Brand awareness in the area
  • Full training and support from OSCAR

Other re-sale opportunities also available in:

  • Hertfordshire
  • East Sussex
  • East Norfolk
  • North and Central Essex

Your Personal Invitation to Discover OSCAR

If you would like to attend a Discover OSCAR meeting to find out more about OSCAR and the Pet Food industry please contact us for details of dates.

The meeting is very relaxed and informal.

We provide you with a wealth of information on franchising while offering you the opportunity to ask as many questions – you will have everything to gain from this meeting.

Discovery Days Available In The Following Areas:

  • Preston
  • Slough
  • Birmingham

So It’s Winter!

Winter can be an invigorating time of the year. It’s also the time of year when you want to curl up in front of a log fire.

Walkies in the winter are just as important as in the summer, although a touch shorter because it might be pouring with rain – it’s bound to be cold and the days are much shorter. Bearing in mind that winter can reduce the amount of exercise our pets receive, the cold, wet and windy weather can be a nuisance.

Think of the old ones; their joints are not what they were and, as for puppies, this whole new experience could generate a chill. That is not to say that cats, independent as they are, won’t feel the effects. For animals their naturally grown winter coat helps them to deal with the conditions and, of course, a nice frosty morning or a covering of snow is a great energizer that could lead to mishaps when blinded by excitement.

At OSCAR we don’t want to be killjoys and, while we appreciate that your pet will go with the flow, it’s down to you to take heed when it comes to winter. Of course, a good OSCAR meal will set them up for each day, protecting them from the cold and keeping them active.

Someone Looks Cosy-1

We know that you care but if we can offer one small piece of extra advice then we are happy to pass it on.

  • Dog coats are a great idea for small dogs, breeds with a short coat or dogs with medical problems, to help keep them warm.
  • Joint support can help older dogs to be more supple on those chilly winter days.
  • B’Seen Night Lights are a great way to keep track of your dog on those dull cloudy days.

Vigilance Outdoors

  • Antifreeze – tempting sweet tasting – deadly poison
  • Salt and other chemicals to melt snow and ice causes irritation to pads
  • Licking paws may pass irritation to the mouth – clean with a damp towel
  • Icy winds chill ears and eyes
  • Snow freezes and sticks to fur – check between paws
  • Frozen ponds and rivers are extremely dangerous – keep pets away

Vigilance Indoors

Christmas joy! Your excitement will be infectious to your pet and without realising, an act of kindness may kill your dog. Giving your pet a secure haven at Christmas time means that everyone can have a very safe and happy Christmas.

  • Keep turkey bones out of reach – they splinter
  • Human grade chocolate is seriously toxic
  • Ingestion of grapes, raisins or sultanas could cause renal failure – beware of fruitcake
  • Check before offering your pet human treats – with temptation in their way, they may just help themselves
  • Party poppers, crackers, gift-wrap, tape, and pine needles are just a few delights that a pet will want to investigate – be vigilant!

Be One Step Ahead

Firework celebrations can be very stressful for you and your pets!

OSCAR’S Pet Behaviourist Shelley Aspden BSc Hons, MSc, suggests the following stress free tips for pet owners who know that there will be problems when things go bang in the night!

  • Walk your dog early in the evening. A well-exercised dog will rest and be calmer on the night.
  • Make sure your pet is safely in doors and that all doors, cat flaps and windows are closed so that your pet can’t escape.
  • Providing a den for your pet will help to satisfy their natural instinct to escape danger. Your pet’s favourite place may be under the table, behind the sofa or under your bed. Putting your pet’s bedding in its chosen area will help it to feel secure and safe.
  • In your pet’s den include at least one item of your clothing. This will act as a comfort blanket for your pet.
  • Do not reward your pet’s fearful behaviour with attention or comfort as this may make their behaviour worse.
  • To help reduce your pet’s stress, it is important that you stay calm and relaxed when fireworks are going off. Never punish your pet for any fearful behaviour; this will only make the problem worse.
  • Never leave your pet home alone. Your pet will feel a lot more relaxed and secure when you are at home.
  • To help your cat feel secure, introduce a covered cat litter tray and raise its bed off the floor.
  • Close internal doors and curtains in your home and turn on a talk radio or TV to help drown out the loud noise of fireworks.
  • Speak to your OSCAR Nutritional Advisor about a product called Calm by NAF (Natural Animal Feeds) and Beaphar Calming Collar. Both products offer a natural calming to help highly-strung dogs cope during stressful periods.

Wild Birds Matter Too

Feeding Tips

  • Ideally food should be made available throughout the year, particularly during the breeding, nesting and fledging periods.
  • It is now widely recognised that feeding wild birds all year round is key to the continued survival of many native species. As natural food sources are eaten away by housing and industrial development, the provision of nutritious food throughout the year is increasingly vital for the welfare and conservation of wild and garden birds. Only with consistent support throughout the year can garden wildlife thrive. Follow these tips to ensure a safe and effective feeding environment:
  • Help reduce the risk of bacterial build up by having several feeding areas and moving them regularly. Consider different foods and feeding methods. Some birds can hang from feeders, while others may prefer table or ground feeding. Grains, seeds, fruits and insects help the birds to instinctively select what they need to supplement their natural diets. Always maintain a continuous supply of fresh water, as birds will come to depend on the food you put out.
  • Feeding stations should ideally be located near cover. If there is a risk from cats or predators, a greater distance or height should be allowed.

Nesting Tips

  • Place the nesting box in a quiet, safe place out of the reach of predators, and sheltered from the elements and direct sunlight.
  • In unsheltered areas, the box should be tilted slightly forward to channel rain water away from the opening.
  • The best position is fixed to a tree or wall, between 2 and 5 metres (6-16 feet) high.
  • Clean nesting boxes between September and January, ready for the breeding season.
  • Do not disturb the box between February and August as this is when it is most likely to be occupied.
  • A close supply of nesting material will encourage birds to set up home. A range of wild Bird foods and products are available from OSCAR

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