Drain Doctor Doubles Monthly Calls for their Franchise Network!

Turn your £35,000+VAT into £1 million in net profits over 10 Years!

Drain Doctor

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Drain Doctor Doubles Monthly Calls for their Franchise Network!

It’s clear to see why we’re the UK’s #1 drainage & plumbing franchise.

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Every New Business Owners Biggest Concern…

When researching becoming a new business owner in any sector, the biggest questions many of us have is:

How do I make the phone ring and begin earning money as soon as possible?”

Many Franchise businesses might leave local marketing and business development solely to the franchisee. However, while you would be expected to promote your business locally, Drain Doctor has implemented effective digital marketing practices to support you with every new business owners biggest fears… winning work.

From experience, we have found that the fastest way to begin winning work is by having a great digital presence. At Drain Doctor, we build and manage your local digital presence so there is no need to go hunting for unproven, unreliable and potentially expensive digital marketing agencies.

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“I’m now receiving four times the number of calls I was before…”

Says Michael Baddeley, Drain Doctor Birmingham South and Worcester

Since Drain Doctor took control of my digital marketing, I’ve been diligently tracking its performance. I’m delighted to report that since its start in September 2020, I’m now receiving as much as four times the number of calls as I was then. I regularly receive £9 of revenue for every £1 that I spend, which is a far better than the digital marketing company I was using before.

These results have meant that I have now recruited a new technician to deal with all the extra work, and I foresee the need for another recruit very shortly.

Now that Drain Doctor has helped me prove the concept of digital marketing, I’m confident and I’m excited about the opportunity in my area and have it as the cornerstone of my marketing strategy for future growth. Moving forward I plan to increase my investment level incrementally to maximise the opportunity.”

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You Set the Budget, We’ll Do the Rest…

Since centrally managing each franchisee’s digital marketing, we’ve more than doubled the number of calls coming through our website to our Franchise Owners businesses.

This has resulted in a huge increase in domestic work, and with the commercial sector returning ever-closer to ‘Normal’ we find ourselves in a buoyant marketplace, making it the perfect time to start a Drain Doctor business

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