Fantastic Services’ Annual Franchise Conference brings existing and prospective franchisees together

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As every year, the property maintenance leader, Fantastic Services gathered all their franchise family members to discuss the growth opportunities and the strategy for the rest of the year.

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Apart from being entirely virtual, due to the pandemic, there was another big difference in this year’s conference – during the first day, Fantastic Services brought together not only existing but also prospective franchisees, interested in joining the company. Thе first day was open to the public and revealed how transparent and trustworthy franchisor Fantastic Service actually is.

Attendees, interested in starting a business or joining a franchise, learnt more about the company, the home services industry and had a chance to meet the Fantastic Services’ most influential leaders and get insights into the day-to-day life of the franchisees.

Fantastic Services’ founders, Anton Skarlatov and Rune Sovndahl, talked about the milestones the company has reached so far, how they managed to navigate through the pandemic successfully and what the future of the business holds:

“After expanding our network of franchisees, seeing a decrease in the demand for some services but increase for others, after developing new services and widening our customer base, it was yet another positive year of change for us as a brand and a franchisor. All the awards and recognition we’ve got from the franchise organisations and the whole industry proves where we stand as a company,” said Anton Skarlatov, co-founder and CEO of Fantastic Services.

“We are here not to follow. We are here to lead. We’ve demonstrated time and time again that regardless of the state of the economy, we are here to be the leader of the service industry,” added Jenny Farenden, Head of Franchise Marketing.

The franchisor also presented the new Area Development opportunities to the public and gave a clear view of what it means to be part of the Fantastic family.

All attendees had the chance to ask questions about Fantastic Services’ business model, franchise opportunities, bespoke technology and award-winning support. While the team was giving a peek into the strategies and techniques they use to crush quota and share some insights on how they manage to build such a strong presence.

The tradition of the Fantastic Services’ Franchise Annual Awards made many existing franchisees “feel like winning an Oscar,” as they shared, for yet another year.

Finally, Fantastic Services organised a quiz, where the attendees won prizes by donating money to the Young People’s Trust for the Environment (YPTE). It is a charity set up to give young people a real awareness of environmental issues such as climate change, pollution, deforestation and endangered flora & fauna.

About Fantastic Services

Fantastic Services provides over 100 services for the home and the office. Established more than 12 years ago, the franchisor is now one of the most technologically-advanced in the industry. With a network of over 530 franchise partners, operating on three continents, they continuously develop new services and revolutionise the property-maintenance industry.

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