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OSCAR Pet Foods is the complete pet care service franchise, a fantastic opportunity for you to offer a unique customer service package and take your share of the £4 billion pet service industry!

OSCAR Pet Foods

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With a dog and cat population of nearly 17 million, (PFMA,2016) health-conscious UK pet consumers are becoming more concerned about what they feed their much-loved companions.

Oscar Pet Services Franchise

Understanding Goodness…
What is good nutrition? A complete diet that provides a pet with the six daily nutrients they need to stay happy and healthy, along with a fresh supply of water. High quality digestible protein, carbohydrates and fats are essential in a healthy diet and the quality of these will be seen in the pet’s overall appearance: shiny coat, ideal body condition, weight and behaviour.

It pays to read the pet food labels. Does the typical analysis add up to 100%? Can you see all the ingredients added to the food? It’s compulsory to list all the constituents for consumers to identify what keeps a pet healthy, although sometimes, labelling is unclear and confusing.

The Rewards of Goodness…

You are what you eat and that also applies to pets; quality food from the start sets the grounds for a healthy and longer life. It’s important to be guided by nutritional expertise, following recommended feeding rates which may need to vary in accordance with the lifestyle of a puppy or kitten.

The added support of nutritional advice, despite knowing your pet’s needs, will prove beneficial in your pet’s development.

Oscar Pet Servics Franchise

Where is the Goodness?

OSCAR Pet Foods delivers the complete pet care service direct to your door in order to make shopping for pet food convenient and easy. OSCAR Nutritional Advisors are trained to create a better understanding of its own brand and the concentration of ingredients in OSCAR’s high quality food means feeding less, producing less waste, costing less per meal while maintaining energy levels and nutritional requirements for a healthy weight and contented lifestyle.

Education on what to feed and how to feed is important and with a selection of foods prepared to suit different life stages, conditions and breeds; nutritional advice, behavioural support and veterinary backup from the OSCAR Helpline experts is FREE.

OSCAR’s unique honest label policy shows ingredients adding up to 100%, and in order to maintain the highest level of nutritional standards, there is a team of enthusiastic professionals bringing a wealth of knowledge in how OSCAR can help you to care for your pets.

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