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Leeds-based mobile coffee company, Cafe2U, is launching ‘Green Coffee Month’.

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The campaign is being launched across its UK network of 90+ coffee vans, highlighting the changes it is making to help the environment and raise awareness of how more people can become environmentally-friendly through their coffee drinking habits.

The month will begin on the 17th of September, and conclude on the 12th of October, and will comprise: Reusable Cup Week, coffee grounds recycling initiatives and a scheme designed to solve the problem of existing ‘plastic film’ coffee cups not being easily recycled.

Cafe2U has taken upon itself to create awareness with customers and franchisees on the impact increased coffee drinking is currently having on the environment, and illustrate some easy ways we can all reduce this impact. Latest studies suggest that the UK consumes over 70 million cups of coffee per day and it’s estimated that, worldwide, 5 billion disposable cups end up in landfill a year, which is about 1 million cups a minute, every hour, every day.

One of the easiest solutions to prevent this is to purchase a reusable coffee cup. Cafe2U is proud to have teamed up with KeepCup to provide environmentally friendly alternatives instead of traditional disposable coffee cups and, during ‘Reusable Cup Week’, will be incentivising customers across its network of 90 vans to only drink from multi-use cups.

As part of the month, Cafe2U will be donating 10p for every coffee sold in a reusable cup to Hubbub Foundation UK, the charity dedicated to solving environmental challenges including coffee cup recycling.

Discussing the exciting initiative, Managing Director, Tom Acland said: “Cafe2U UK is passionately committed to the positive protection of the environment – meeting the needs of the present while thinking forward to the future. During our ‘Green Coffee Month’ we want to highlight the changes that we have made already, whilst continually striving to implement new ways that we and our customers can be more environmentally friendly.”

Cafe2U takes premium, espresso-based coffee, hot chocolate, and sweet treats directly to the consumer at non-traditional locations all across the country, such as places of work, business areas, industrial estates, events and sporting occasions.

The business now boasts a network of more than 90 vans and was recently named the fourth largest coffee business in the UK in the Allegra Coffee Portal 2017. Cafe2U wants to set an example and lead the way in helping the environment across the coffee landscape.

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