How Boost Education Went From A Single Tutor To A National Franchise

Be your own boss with a Boost Education franchise. Run your own business and invest in your future and others. Boost Education is a thriving, unique concept in the private tutoring industry, covering Maths, English, Science & 11+ preparation.

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When I embarked on the journey to becoming a teacher, it was with the single-minded mission to help children reach their full potential.

This was the driving force behind many years of study, preparation and countless hours of teaching in British public schools. And while hard work and patience came with the territory, the immense satisfaction from doing with my life what I had set out to was well worth it.

Teaching is a calling and those who answer it share a dedication to positively impact the lives of as many children as they can. However, as an educator in the public school system, I felt that my ability to do this was limited in some ways. This feeling remained with me for some time as I wasn’t sure how I would address this personal conundrum that I was facing.

And so began the story of Boost Education

After some considerable deliberation, I finally decided to embark on a journey to becoming a home tutor. This would allow me to spend more one-on-one time with children and provide them with far better support. But it didn’t take very long to discover that quality and affordability were mutually exclusive in the tuition services industry. I also realised that I alone could never meet the demand from communities that seem to need it most.

This realisation was to be the impetus to starting my own after-school tuition business.

Fast-forward ten years and today, Boost Education Charged Up is one of the most recognisable names in quality after school tuition services. Our expanding footprint spans four towns with over 100 tutors manning our centres and who all share a passion for education.

All our tutors undergo thorough vetting and regular performance reviews to ensure that standards are upheld at every Boost Education centre and that staff receive the support they need to thrive. Working with such a fantastic team has been one of the surprises of becoming a business owner and also one of the most rewarding experiences for me.

Our centres in Stratford, Ealing, Southall and Slough complement our flagship outlet in Ilford. With modern facilities and convenient central locations, Boost Education centres have become invaluable resources to parents looking for personalised educational support for their young children. To date, our centres have helped thousands of students ace English, Science, Maths and 11+ examinations confidently and with flying colours to boot.

Throughout the years we’ve invested in our curriculum and produced student workbooks for all year groups for all subjects. All our workbooks are in line with the new national curriculum and have been tested and approved by schools across the UK.

Our online presence is another asset to our brand which acts as an onboarding system for parents looking to register their child for lessons or learning assessments. With useful information for parents, teachers and children, regular visitors to our website rely on it for information about school curriculum changes, tips for effective study habits, advice for exam preparation or just to come and learn about developments in education.

From a tuition service to a national franchise

The Boost Education franchise model is built on years of experience in education and running an expanding and successful tuition business. I invite you to join us as we embark on a new chapter in our journey on becoming the undisputed leader in after-school tuition in the United Kingdom.

Boost Education franchisees enjoy access to years of experience, unlimited passion, refined processes and proven systems that produce a tuition service unlike any other. As parents of children attending public schools look for ways to give their children a stronger advantage in our competitive world, the opportunities to run a successful after-school tuition service have never been more favourable.

With competitive pricing and quality education being two cornerstones of the Boost Education philosophy, more and more parents are turning to us to help their children reach their fullest potential. We are excited for you to join us on our journey to becoming the country’s tuition service of choice as we grow, learn and teach together. Contact us today.

by Amandeep Gill

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