“I’m now in control of my life, I’m busy and I enjoy what I do”

“If you want success, Ovenclean is the brand to go with.” Bernard Corrigan, Ovenclean franchisee since 2011


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Ovenclean delivers baked-in success for John Denoon.


According to franchisee John Denoon, the seeds of success are ready baked into the Ovenclean franchise, with customers hooked by the dazzling results and determined never to tackle cleaning their own dirty ovens ever again!

Before joining Ovenclean, John had spent his entire working life in the printing industry. However, he says that in the final five years he had been made redundant no fewer than three times.

“It was clear to me which way the printing industry was heading and that this would keep happening to me,” he says. “Many of my friends are self-employed and I’d often thought about it myself, but I needed that extra push to make me take that step forward.”

John was keen to identify a business that would be sustainable and had plenty of potential. His research highlighted cleaning as a growth area, so he narrowed down his search to franchise opportunities in this sector.

“I looked at carpet cleaning, but thought there were already too many companies providing this service and felt that the general domestic or industrial cleaning franchises were not for me. Ovenclean, on the other hand, offers a cleaning service with a difference. It’s specialist, but the potential marketplace is massive. When I visited an Ovenclean Open Day, I was impressed both by the cleaning system and by the friendly, supportive people. Of all the franchises I looked at, Ovenclean was definitely the most professional!”

Now into his second year with Ovenclean, John confirms that life is much easier now that he has built a strong regular customer base.

“My phone continues to ring!” John enthuses. “The great thing about Ovenclean is that in 99% of cases, my customers are so happy with the results, they want to book again and recommend me to all their friends and family!

“More importantly though, I’m now in control of my life, I’m busy and I enjoy what I do,” he concludes. “The bonuses with Ovenclean are huge if you get it right!”

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