Introducing new InXpress UK Managing Director, Jon White

InXpress has its origins in the world's largest business management franchise in the transportation industry.


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From supplying the demands of InXpress, to meeting the demands of a growing franchise network, new MD Jon White has exciting plans for a New Year, and a new season.

It was while he was on the beach, in Kos, that Jon received the call to say he had been successfully chosen as InXpress UK’s new Managing Director. This was perfect timing for the lifestyle franchise which prides itself on helping franchisees achieve a desirable work-life balance.

InXpress Franchise

Jon has enjoyed a varied career in management and sales, which he brings to the InXpress table. “When I was at school, my plan was actually to be in the navy, like my father.” He says. “Having passed the necessary exams, I was about to embark as a Submarine Chef. I had also been working part-time in a supermarket, and they offered me the chance to do a management degree. My parents thought it was a better prospect long-term, so I left the navy and went into supermarket management – which turned out to be a big mistake!”

Freedom to choose how to balance work and life
Having been stuck in retail management Jon says: “I felt like I was chasing money, and hated it! My wife and I had our family young, so we could enjoy ‘life after kids’. An opportunity came up, offering more money for less hours, and I was quick to take it in a move away from retail management, and stop chasing money so much. Over the ensuing eighteen years I developed skills in management and sales.”

And now, Jon is reaping the seeds of developing these skills, as he creates the lifestyle he wants: “Family for me is a priority, I choose the hours I am home, and am now in a position where I have the freedom to spend as much time as I want with my grandchildren. I also train the U16 team at my local rugby club, which I have been involved with for over 32 years, having previously played for the County.”

One of the reasons many franchisees enter the world of franchising, is to spend more time with their family. Jon sees his role as being to introduce potential franchisees to the advantages of franchising, which allows you to choose the hours you work, and spend time doing what they enjoy.

From supplier to Managing Director
Prior to joining InXpress, Jon was at Whistl, where InXpress had been one of his customers. But now he is ready to travel with InXpress UK to the next level of business growth. “I’ve already had conversations with the CEOs of InXpress global partners. I wanted to know what works for them, so we can mirror the best of America and Australia here in the UK.”

Jon continues, “One of the things we will be working on, is to increase the level of training we offer both new and more established franchisees. As the franchisees businesses grow, InXpress overall will grow.”

Relationship building
So as the New Year is underway, led by a new Managing Director at the helm, what can franchisees expect in 2018? “I’m committed to meet each franchisee face-to-face in order to build a relationship with them. As well as building the relationships we have with our carriers.”

Jon says, “I will be spending two days a week face-to-face with our franchisees, while the InXpress Business coaches are committed to being out three days a week. We want to help them to grow their business, while building a relationship. I am excited at what this will draw out of them, as I think it is the most important way of strengthening our network. And as the network grows stronger, businesses flourish, and InXpress grows!”

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