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The team at iOB Business are on a mission to cement their place as the most value-driven Digital Agency opportunity on the market. The last few years have seen a number of innovations on the technology side as well as the wider business model.

Receiving recognition from the international press and influential news outlets is one of the byproducts of developing one of the most successful Digital Agencies networks globally. iOB Business is proud to announce that they have recently been highlighted by Tech Times.

For those that don’t know, Tech Times is a digital media company in the US that focuses on reporting the latest innovations and developments taking place within the technology industry. iOB Business have been recognised for how they “develop their technology eco-system for partner success”.

Co-Founder of iOB Business, Kamran Awan, commented, “It’s great to be recognised in the international press and amongst our peers for the business model we are developing. We are really proud of our technology platforms and this recognition, alongside being personally featured with the Digital Marketing Institute, show that we are now being noticed on the global stage.

This would not be possible without the hard work of our team and our successful partners so I personally want to thank them for their dedication. We have lots more to achieve as a collective and we certainly can’t wait to hit new milestones”.

As the digitisation of society continues, iOB Business are well placed to help an ever increasing number of businesses transform the way they market online through their expanding partner network.

To find out more about iOB Business, contact the team.

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