Life’s a Beach on Australia Day 2019

With no hairdressing experience necessary, join the largest hairdressing franchise in the Southern hemisphere as they conquer the UK.

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With Australia and the UK being very similar in terms of business and culture, it’s easy to see why there are currently 1.3million* British citizens living Down Under and an estimated 142,000** Aussies now residing in the UK.

Just Cuts Franchise

The 26th of January is a chance for Brits and Aussies alike to celebrate their successes with Australia Day. But the similarities are leaving businesses wanting a piece of the action too.

Just Cuts, the largest hairdressing company in the Southern Hemisphere, has recognised the potential and bridged the gap in an attempt to conquer the UK. Originally founded in 1983 by Denis McFadden, the company is set to open their second UK salon in Wandsworth in February to win over the hearts of Brits with their premium cuts at not-so-premium prices.

“I consider London to be the world centre for hair fashion so bringing the franchise here is a proud moment for the Just Cuts team,” says Denis. “In the past, we had many British backpackers travel to Australia and New Zealand seeking work in our salons. When the time comes for them to depart, they ask: ‘When will Just Cuts be coming to the UK?’ This is just our way of answering their question!”

It’s come as no surprise that Brits love the Aussie lifestyle: the idea of surfing and walking on the beach every day is something that appeals to almost everyone. Just Cuts promises to inject the fun-loving aspect of living in Australia with a collection of their own-brand hair care products to go alongside their cuts – meaning you don’t even have to leave the city to get beachy waves. Just Cuts now have their sights set on opening 450 stores across the UK, with 10 being launched in the next 12 months, through the same successful franchise system that sees 209 salons across Australia and New Zealand.

Not only do we understand one another through a shared language, we also enjoy the same types of humour and the majority of us will wave a flag at a Royal visit. Similarly, in terms of business, regulations and processes make it relatively straightforward to expand a franchise into the UK from Australia. Just Cuts are relishing the opportunity to open salon on the other side of the world, giving Brits a taste of Oz.

The national holiday (only in Oz, I’m afraid) celebrates the anniversary of the arrival of the first fleet of ships on the island and the raising of the Great British flag in 1788. The connection between the two countries since then has been somewhat unbreakable. It’s just one of the reasons why businesses tend to work so well when dealing on opposite sides of the globe, despite the significant time difference!

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