Looking for a new business? Leading the Way Pet Care proposes a franchising solution with a breath of fresh air

A Leading the Way franchise exists to make pet owner’s lives easier. You’ll be providing energetic and stimulating walks, safe and secure transport and luxurious attention at home - all wrapped up with plenty of companionship and fun along the way.

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As furloughed workers wait to hear how the UK recession will affect their future employment, Leading the Way Pet Care presents a tempting solution.

Leading The Way Pet Care Franchise

Franchising is an exciting possibility. With tried and tested business models, trusted brand names, shared marketing potential and competitive trading opportunities, franchising not only performs well in a recession but also responds well to trending needs.

Great news for job hunters who may well be re-evaluating their life work balance after Covid, and who have the desire and the energy to work their way out of a recession.

And great news for loving pet owners who are keen to get back to work after lockdown but may have new pet care responsibilities they have yet to sort out.

Most of us have had more time to spend with our pets throughout lockdown, and some of us have chosen some very special new editions to our households! Providing them with the love and attention they deserve is important.

As the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) Chief Executive Michael Bellingham explains:

“Over recent months, our lives have been disrupted by unprecedented social, economic and emotional challenges as a result of COVID-19. Throughout this period, the tremendous support provided by our pets has been widely documented. Pets have helped many of us navigate these strange times by bringing much-needed comfort, happiness and routine.”

The popularity of pet ownership throughout the pandemic continues to boost the pet sector and, with recent figures from PFMA confirming a population of 12 million pet-owning households in the UK, demand is at an all-time high.

Leading The Way Pet Care Franchise

Whilst making an investment during a recession may seem daunting, franchising continues to be viewed by banks as a low-risk investment. Andy Brattesani, UK Head of Franchising for HSBC reports, “At the HSBC franchise unit last year we lent 400 million in the franchising sector … and this year we will do half a billion.”

With investment security at your fingertips, finding the perfect franchise to fit your skills and lifestyle is also key. If you love the outdoors (and are ready for a breath of fresh air after months of lockdown) dog walking and pet care is a terrific choice.

As a sister company to one of the UK’s leading pet food giants, OSCAR Pet Foods, Leading the Way Pet Care benefits from 25 years of extensive franchising expertise – delivering everything you need to run a franchise fuelled with professional responsibility and high standards.

Andy and Michelle Corrigan, owners of Leading the Way Pet Care Chorley, describe their career change into franchising with awe: “Leading the Way Pet Care support has been outstanding, going above and beyond. We have never experienced this kind of commitment, helping us through the early challenges of starting a new business with no previous experience.”

Taking on a Leading the Way franchise offers a perfect solution to redundancy: the nation’s pet owners are experiencing a renewed sense of pet care responsibility, and good quality professional pet care is a joy to deliver and in short supply.

Franchising may well turn out to be the beating heart of a new British economy – why not be part of its success?

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