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We work with families, schools and organisations to help children overcome emotional challenges, develop confidence, and gain greater learning potential. Enquire with us if you want to improve children's lives and run your own profitable business.


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NLP4Kids is an organisation that provides workshops and one to one sessions for children, young people, parents and professionals. We specialise in offering coaching and training in the area of mental well-being. We currently have twenty lovely NLP4Kids practitioners situated across the UK who are very busy recently due to our new non-for-profit company. This new venture has caused us to begin a recruitment drive for 2017. Yes, that’s right, we are HIRING!

NLP4Kids was set up in 2007 by myself (Gemma Bailey). I am a qualified nursery nurse of 20 years and I have worked extensively in education, with families and with the NHS in the Community. After several years working with children and families, I set up my own business as a coach and trainer having completed qualifications in NLP. NLP is a newer form of psychotherapy that is used for personal development. Since 2006, I have been training others to help children using NLP through my company NLP4Kids. Despite training over 120 people, I have selected just 19 of them to continue as Licenced NLP4Kids practitioners who I continue to mentor and work with.

NLP4Kids practitioners offer workshops and coaching in the areas of:

  • Overcoming Anxiety
  • Confidence Building
  • Dealing with Exam Stress
  • Communication Skills
  • Behavioural & Attitude Challenges

And many more, as well as offering training and coaching to parents and teachers.
Our main concern with working in schools, the past fews years, is that schools never had money to provide extra support into their school and they never had time or resources to apply for funding.

This meant that children who may have needed that extra help to control their emotions or to build up their confidence or self-esteem, never received this opportunity through the school system.

Therefore, NLP4Kids have gone the extra mile, in setting up a not-for-profit company, which will allow us to help schools apply for funding.The funding will allow us to put an NLP practitioner into the school for one day a week for one academic year. The NLP practitioner will specialise in certain areas where it is felt that the pupils need certain support in. For example, a school may have pupils with anger management issues. This is one of the many areas that the practitioner could hold a weekly workshop for a small group or an individual.


Schools across the country have been in contact with us over the past few weeks and the funding has started. However, we haven’t got enough NLP practitioners to cover all the schools who want extra support for children who suffer emotional challenges.

Would you be interested in becoming a NLP practitioner? Do you feel you have the commitment to begin training with us? Do you want to get paid whilst helping children and young people in your local schools? If yes, please contact us today for more information.

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