New HITZone Studio Opens in Edmonton, Canada

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HITZone Global is delighted to announce that our new studio in Edmonton, Canada is now open and operational!

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HITZone Garside, located in the city of Edmonton, is our largest studio yet and our first studio open in Canada.

David Sherman, owner of the new studio says, “How I discovered HITZone was after experiencing a heart attack. After I had my heart attack, I had motivation to get fit. First time I went, I tried a session and couldn’t finish the session, but I really enjoyed it. So that had me come back, and I kept on coming back – I loved it.”

“One of the things that is unique about HITZone, is our HIT Machine. The machine uses intuitive hydraulic resistance. The harder you push or pull it resists you to the same amount”

“I’ve never purchased a franchise before, but the support we got from HITZone Global in the UK is amazing. They’ve offered us full training and support, full understanding of their marketing and member acquisition process. With the need for people to work out and with the value we give to our members this offers a fantastic opportunity.”

“It’s low risk, so there’s a low cost of opening. If you have 150 members you are pretty much maxed out and you’ve got a great little business.”

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