New InXpress Advert Increases Awareness for Franchisees' Businesses

InXpress has its origins in the world's largest business management franchise in the transportation industry.


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InXpress releases a new advert highlighting the multiple ways franchisees offer excellent service and value to their customers.

In the Autumn, InXpress, who are constantly looking for new ways they can support the franchise network, released their brand new online advert. Finding the right “face” to use in a new video campaign was necessary if InXpress were going to produce an advert which would win, not just for customers, but for the global InXpress franchise network.

Mel Spencer, Head of Global Marketing explains, “The main purpose of our new video is to support our franchisees globally, by raising the profile of the InXpress brand. We thought if we could increase customer awareness about our international shipping services, this would help franchisees gain new business.”

The advert focusses on what businesses may be looking for, and how InXpress meet those needs. “We work hard to efficiently handle the logistics of customers’ shipping requirements – whatever they may be. With the additional benefit of excellent discounts. After switching to InXpress, a quarter of new customers said they saved up to 25% on their annual shipping fees.” says Mel.

InXpress chose one of the Australian-based InXpress Young Gun franchisees to be the face of the advert. “We wanted to give the InXpress brand personality, and bring it to life.” Mel explains, “Shaun fits the profile we were looking for, in so many ways.”

The advert has already globally amassed over 68k views on YouTube, in the first week since it was launched. And InXpress plans to continue to use both the video, and Young Gun Shaun in other marketing campaigns, in order to generate interest for the franchise network.

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