Oscar News and Pet Advice for January 2011

OSCAR Pet Foods is the complete pet care service franchise, a fantastic opportunity for you to offer a unique customer service package and take your share of the £4 billion pet service industry!

Oscar Pet Foods

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Lots of news about Oscar franchisees, as well as details of new resale opportunities available, and lots of tips and advice for taking good care of your pet.

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I decided that I wanted to take control of my future career after working for almost 30 years as a chef.

Redundancy forced the issue and franchising secured my future plans. Catering was all I knew and after hanging up my chef’s hat OSCAR not only gave me a career changing opportunity it put a new slant on my expertise.

Feeding animals with a quality range of foods selected to suit their age, breed and lifestyle meant that my knowledge of how to serve up a good meal could be passed on to a more deserving customer.

That was eleven years ago; I enjoy my work and I’m still enthusiastic! To have job satisfaction while earning a living makes running my own business all worthwhile. With over five hundred customers to support they are more than happy to pass on the benefits of my service so I am rewarded time and time again. With back up from experts in veterinary care, behaviour and nutrition I am proud of my complete and unique pet care service. Dedication to my work is something I like to pass on to new franchisees and as a trainer I would always recommend following the OSCAR system – it’s tried and tested and believe me I know it works!


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Keith & Carol McDermott


Hello, we are Keith & Carol McDermott. Our OSCAR business is located in Welwyn, and Welwyn Garden City with a customer base that extends to Knebworth, Datchworth, Tewin, Codicote, Hatfield, Welham Green, Harpenden and Wheathampstead. Including parts of Potters Bar, St Albans, London Colney and surrounding villages – we have a good area to cover.

Sadly, we are being forced to sell our business because ill-health is standing in the way of future development. Our area has great potential and from experience we discovered that you do not have to be a pet lover to run an OSCAR business. While you can enjoy the many rewards of dealing with pets and people the satisfaction comes from providing an excellent service to pet owners who really care about their animals.

Many thanks

Keith and Carol McDermott

Other re-sale opportunities also available in:

Dunbartonshire, East Sussex, East Norfolk, North & Central Essex, West Berkshire, East Wiltshire and North Hampshire.

If you would like to attend a Discover OSCAR meeting to find out more about OSCAR and the Pet Food industry please contact us (via the form below). The meeting is very relaxed and informal.


My black Labrador, Grace, started life with OSCAR and when she came to me it was complete with her food. That was eleven years ago and I’ve never had any reason to change. I had noticed that Grace was becoming tired, three walks a day seemed to be too much and I started to worry about her health. After talking to Lesley Lavin, my OSCAR nutritional advisor, I agreed to change her food to OSCAR Pinnacle+. This food has been formulated for older dogs and within four to six weeks I started to see a difference.

She is now her old/young self and any anxiety has been lifted from my shoulders. I would always recommend OSCAR – it’s good quality food that is competitively priced and delivered to my door – thank you Lesley for a brilliant service.

Sally Clare Altrincham


  • Preston
  • Slough
  • Birmingham

Welcome to New Starters

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DAVID GRAHAM – Darwen, Lancs (Darwen)

“I spent 33 years of my working career in the steel industry, an industry that was constantly changing, changing enough to convince me that is was time to move on. Investigating my options I soon discovered that franchising provided a very strong message of guidance and support – inspiring my confidence to go one step further. Animals were an instant attraction because as a pet owner I already knew that pet lovers all have the same common denominator. Walking my dogs, Bess and Molly, always encourages conversation with likeminded people and for that reason I could see the potential of an OSCAR business.”

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JAMES TIBBLES – Sheffield, South Yorkshire

(Chesterfield, Staveley, Dronfield and Mosborough)

“Before starting my Oscar Franchise I gained a BSc in sports science. University taught me the discipline to work hard, with a positive attitude, which was vital for starting a new business that eventually led me to OSCAR and back to my passion for pets. I have grown up with dogs, during which time my mother bred Italian Spinones. As for me, I now own a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, named Charlie, whose lucky break in life is to benefit from my introduction to OSCAR Pet Foods.”

Be One Step Ahead

Flea and Worming Advice

Q How often should I deflea my pet?

A The flea is an insect and therefore has four life stages: egg, larvae, pupae and adult flea. It’s only at the adult stage that fleas are noticed when living on your dog or cat. During the egg, larvae and pupae stages they live in the carpet or your pet’s bedding; when they hatch into adult fleas they jump onto your pets. Fleas like a warm host to live on and feed from which can be provided by your pet. Fleas can also live up to 90 days on your pet.

Dogs and cats should be treated for fleas every 3-4 months. This may vary depending on the brand of flea treatment you use. Sherley’s offer a comprehensive range of dog and cat preventative treatments and flea treatments to kill an infestation of fleas.

For dogs and cats with fleas Sherley’s offer a four-stage flea control:

  1. Clean your dog of fleas with Sherley’s flea spray or Big Red spray
  2. Protect your pet from further infestation with Sherley’s flea drops or flea collar
  3. Clean your house of fleas with Sherley’s Defest
  4. Worm your pets! Fleas carry tapeworm which can be transmitted to your pet

Puppies and kittens should be wormed from the age of 2 weeks and thereafter every 2 weeks until the age of 12 weeks. From the age of 12 weeks old, dogs and cats need to be wormed on a 3- month interval to treat against the common roundworm and tapeworm.

The most common type of this worm is transmitted to dogs and cats through the consumption of fleas, so it is important to flea your pet regularly. Parts of the tapeworm infestation will pass through the animal’s faeces like white long grains of rice and they will move! There are other types of tapeworm that are contracted by the dog or cat eating vermin


This worm is transmitted through contact of worm larvae either when your pet is outside or by consuming infected prey animals. Puppies contract worms before they are born through the mother’s placenta and then through the bitch’s milk, so it is important that the bitch is wormed before mating. Untreated pets may carry hundreds of roundworms inside them without the owner knowing.

Avoid worming your pet just after a meal; it can make them sick. Always read the instructions carefully before giving the tablet. If your pet is sick after worming, contact your veterinary practice for further advice. If your pet will not take a worming tablet, try wrapping it up in a little piece of food or try a tablet introducer.

OSCAR’s Pet Behaviourist Shelley Aspden BSc Hons, MSc, helps you to solve some typical pet problems.


Q How can I treat my dog’s bad breath?

A As a first aid measure the introduction of a tough chew such as OSCAR’s Rawhide treats and daily cleaning of the teeth with a Sherley’s toothbrush and toothpaste will help to remove plaque and combat bad breath. Feeding a dry diet, that crunches, when the nugget makes contact with your dog’s teeth and gums, will rub away food  particles and plaque from the surface.

If the problem persists it is advisable to make an appointment with your vet for a health check of the teeth and gums to make sure that there is no infection causing the bad breath. Your vet will advise further treatment or de-scale, if needed.


Q Why does my dog eat its own stools and how can I stop the problem?

A Stool eating is a normal behaviour for a bitch with a litter of pups. However, stool eating or the behavioural term ‘coprophagia’ is not a normal behaviour in either  bitches or males. Some will tell you that this behaviour is linked to a deficiency, perhaps in its diet, but there are no scientific findings to support the suggestion. This behavioural problem is just a plain bad habit that develops either by faulty learning, inappropriate reward from the owner or a poor environment.

Interrupting the behaviour and having complete control over your dog’s movements is the key to dealing with this problem. Feeding your dog a high fibre diet such as  OSCAR’s Ultracare Gluten Free can help in the management of this problem.


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Precision+ from our Response range

We have responded to the extra needs of those dogs whose digestive system is sensitive or intolerant to gluten or certain meat proteins. Our gluten free range of foods works well but with Precision+ we have gone one step further to make it with the least challenging ingredients. The diet is based on Herring, Peas, Potato, Human grade Tapioca, and Sunflower seeds with added minerals, vitamins and poultry fat.

Our honest label policy means that we show 100% of ingredients and supported by a 28-day satisfaction guarantee you can be sure that OSCAR really does care for your pets.

With over 85 franchisees around the UK you can ask your local Nutritional Advisor for a FREE sample. Simply fill in the form below for more information.


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