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OSCAR Pet Foods is the complete pet care service franchise, a fantastic opportunity for you to offer a unique customer service package and take your share of the £4 billion pet service industry!

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During lockdown, local “poo hotspots” have been getting worse – possibly due to the dramatic rise in UK dog ownership throughout the pandemic. Not surprisingly, pet owners have been enjoying getting out as much as possible with their pets for exercise and fresh air in their local area.

Oscar Pet Foods

Unfortunately, dog mess can be a big problem in dog walking areas. Whilst we all agree that picking up dog mess is one of the least enjoyable aspects of looking after our four-legged friends, it’s possibly one of the most important. It’s not nice if stepped in, it can ruin local parks, beaches and the countryside, and presents an infection risk if ingested by other animals. Not picking up after your dog can lead to complaints from the public and result in dogs being banned from local areas.

If you leave a poo bag by a tree or bush, guess what?! It will still stay there day after day: it is not on a list of refuse collections by the council, and it is nobody else’s responsibility but yours!

As a dog owner, the essential care we give our dog involves feeding, walking, grooming, playtime and not forgetting to pick up after them. Kind and responsible pet ownership includes protecting the community and environment we live in and most importantly our wildlife.

That’s why OSCAR Pet Foods are proud to have launched 100% compostable plant-based poo bags. Made from corn starch, extra strong and unscented with a water-resistant coating they are kind to the environment and pleasant to use.

Oscar Pet Foods

Our franchisees work tirelessly with their local communities to promote responsible pet ownership, with some even giving away poo bags to help solve unnecessary dog mess.

Please be a responsible pet owner and help us support the environment:

  1. Picking up after your dog prevents the transmission of intestinal infections and diseases to dogs and people.
  2. Roundworm and hookworm can be transmitted to children and adults who play or work where faeces is present.
  3. In the warm summer months, faeces that is not picked up can leave an offensive odour for people.
  4. Make sure you keep your pocket topped up with a couple of poop scoops bag, to avoid being left without any when out with your dog.
  5. Dog faeces and urine can ‘burn’ lawns in warmer weather leaving unsightly patches. Picking up after your dog will help you to eliminate this problem.
  6. By not picking up after your dog, you will increase the risk of dogs being banned from parks and local areas due to dog mess presenting a community hazard.
  7. Your local authority has the power to enforce the Dog Fouling By-Laws. Any person who is in charge of a dog on a walk has a legal responsibility to pick up after the dog. Failure to pick up after your dog could result in a fine of up to £1000.

Get into the habit of taking a handful of poo bags out on walk. Keep them with your dog’s lead or in your dog walking jacket and help to ensure everybody enjoys a clean and pleasant environment.

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