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With 2020 done and dusted, domestic cleaning franchise, Poppies, is getting this year off to the best start possible. Despite several lockdowns, the 22-strong franchise network remains as close as ever and have entered 2021 with a spring in their step. But as the new year gets underway, Managing Director, Chris Wootton, takes a moment to reflect on the last 12 months.

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“Like many people, we started last year on a high,” Chris said. “But when the pandemic presented itself, it was time to take stock and work on how to push forwards. Whilst it’s been a challenge, and a little stressful at times, I’m proud of the resilience that resonated from franchisees as they pulled together in a collective effort to weather the storm. So much so, the glimmers of positivity shone through.

“Perhaps the highlight of the year was celebrating 40 years since Poppies launched. Obviously, we couldn’t all be together to commemorate the milestone, but it was great to have a virtual party and spread some cheer.”

Whilst growth initially slowed during the first lockdown, there were still many things happening behind the scenes. As franchisees continued to support their clients on how to clean their home effectively, the brains at head office were designing a programme that would help to refine their regimes – not just during lockdown but in the future too. As a result, Poppies new two-step cleaning programme was born. Outlining the specific method required to reduce the risk of viral infection, giving clients peace of mind as cleaning services continued for regulars.

Then, when the country’s cogs started to turn once again, Poppies polished its squeaky-clean image to end the year on a high. With the cleaning programme fully rolled out nationwide, franchisees continued with what they do best – providing a great quality service for customers old and new. For a second consecutive year, Poppies featured in Elite Franchise’s Top 100 list, setting the brand up for a successful 12 months ahead. Chris is certain that 2021 will be their best year yet.

“There are a couple of trends that I expect to continue as the year draws on, as well as others that have become more prominent. We’re already seeing people prioritising cleaning in their homes, and I believe that focus will continue even post-pandemic. Because of this, combined with the desire to spend more time with wider family outside their homes as lockdown eases, I envisage an increase in demand for cleaning services. What this does is create an exciting opportunity for prospective franchisees as they search for a lucrative business venture which also offers great satisfaction for themselves and their teams.

“For 2021, the plan for Poppies is to welcome several new franchisees to the UK network, ensuring that we can meet the demand that the next 12 months will bring our way. This year, we will also see the national rollout of both our staff and client apps. These will be influential in the delivery of our cleaning service, whilst enhancing the experience for clients across the country by providing another level of convenience.”

One household at a time, Poppies is determined to make this year one to remember – for all the right reasons!

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