Shakeaway’s Limited-edition Valentine’s Menu

Shakeaway is a unique Global Company with stores popping up all over the world! Get involved in this fun fast growing profitable franchise now and become part of the world’s largest MilkShake bar company.


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Treat your loved one with a shake from our lovely Valentine’s menu; available for a limited time only. Which one will take your fancy?

Shakeaway Franchise

Adoring Adele is a beautiful mix of strawberries and vanilla, topped with whipped cream! Or how about trying Be Mine Becca? A fruity combination of peach and pineapple with coconut shavings on top. Don’t forget you can try any shake made with 100% fat free frozen yoghurt instead of our exclusive reduced sugar ice cream.

Devoted Dennis will sweep you off your feet with the dreamy mix of white kinder bueno and chocolate brownie, topped off with a cadbury flake! Fall head over heels for handsome harry – a winning combination of daim bar and nutella, all topped with maltesers. Why not try either of these shakes made hot? You won’t believe how good they taste!

Romantic Ryan combines loves hearts with raspberries, with a free topping of jelly tots – the perfect treat for your loved one! Or there’s Sweetheart Selina – after eight and coffee, topped with milkybar buttons. You can also try any shake made with organic soya ice cream and soya milk if you prefer.

The limited-edition Valentine’s menu is available in stores until 14th February.

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