The JAN-PRO franchise in 2020: turning crisis into opportunity

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Unlike many other sectors, such as hospitality and leisure, JAN-PRO has not seen a decline in its business during the COVID crisis – quite the opposite, in fact!

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As a company that has already specialised in disinfection techniques of large-scale commercial properties for over 10 years, our service has proved invaluable to our customers during the last seven months.

By providing a custom cleaning plan that is tailored to suit every individual client’s needs, and by using innovative cleaning technology, we can guarantee a service that sets us apart from the competition. By sharing this technology and methodology with our franchisees, we have continued to grow our network right across the UK, and overseas.

Rather than seeing any loss of contracts or customers, JAN-PRO has already positioned itself as an essential service for many of our clients, and has already signed a number of high-value new contracts. The expertise that companies are looking for most right now is already built in to everything that we do. By becoming part of this, you too can tap into an increasingly lucrative market, as well as offer a critical service to your local community.

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A growing demand

Since March and even more so today, businesses across the country have had to rethink the way they get their commercial cleaning done. Whatever the “new normal” means for them, companies from banks and gyms, to hospitals and schools are paying more attention than ever to the duty they have to staff and customers to keep their premises clean and hygienic. As the crisis continues to roll on, there is an increasing demand for commercial cleaning services that can deliver the meticulous attention to detail and safety that JAN-PRO provides.

Among our most recent new customers are, the dog food company, luxury Mayfair spa, the House of Elemis, and a number of branches of Specsavers across the Greater London area. Even before the recent upsurge in our sales and contracts, JAN-PRO was rated the World’s #1 Commercial Cleaning Franchise for the 12th year in a row by Entrepreneur magazine, and is very proud to be working with more 10,000 different partners around the globe.

A unique opportunity to join a growing brand

With contacts in more than 11 different countries and an ever-increasing demand for our superior customer service guarantees, the JAN-PRO franchise is an un-missable opportunity to be part of a global brand with a proven success rate.

Franchising in general tends to do well in times of economic uncertainty, as it offers a far more secure way of launching your own business than going it alone. By buying into an established brand, and the proven business model that comes with it, you can greatly reduce the risks of starting up independently. Cleaning companies like JAN-PRO have been doing exceptionally well this year, but this is no surprise. High-quality cleaning services are something that customers will always need, regardless of how the rest of the economy is doing.

During the last recession, 6 of the 10 fastest growing franchises were cleaning firms, and the current crisis seems to be no exception. Business for JAN-PRO is booming – and we can offer new franchisees something almost no other company can. Our workload is growing so much that we can now guarantee new franchisees contract work as part of their investment with us, so that you can be sure that your new franchise has the absolutely optimal chance of success.

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New franchisees are joining us from every walk of life

As uncertainty grows around so many industries, we are seeing a huge increase in interest from a wide variety of people looking for new career opportunities. In the last couple of months alone,
JAN-PRO has recruited four new franchisees with a large number of others approaching us for information.

Our new recruits have come from a wide variety of backgrounds. One comes from an office, another was an operations manager in a chain restaurant, and another was a cab driver. The one thing that unites them all was a desire for a change, and an urgency to move into an industry that could offer them a way to earn a sustainable income for many years to come.

Perhaps 2020 has also forced you to reconsider your career options, and maybe you’re someone who wants to be their own boss and build their own successful new business. Either way, the JAN-PRO franchise opportunity is exactly what you need to make a fantastic new start.

Turn crisis into opportunity and contact us today for more information.

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