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The University of Ulster’s Sport and Exercise Sciences Research Institute have carried out an independent study on the unique and patented HIT Machine technology used at HITZone.

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Specifically, the study carried out by Dr Conor McClean focused on the acute effects of using the high-intensity training HIT Machine on delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), calorie expenditure and exercise recovery.

The study looked at a sample of recreationally active, but not trained men and found the following:

1. Participants expended more calories and were able to maintain a higher average heart rate when using the HIT machine compared to a control trial of 20 minutes of traditional mixed aerobic and resistance;

2. Whilst there were no changes in energy expenditure following the control trial, energy expenditure was significantly increased immediately following exercise using the HIT machine;

3. Creatine kinase (a biomarker of muscle damage and DOMS) was significantly lower 48 hours post exercise in the HIT trial when compared to the same time point in the control trial suggesting less muscle damage is associated with acute usage of the HIT machine

4. Individuals consistently reported lower feelings of body pain and DOMs, using the visual analogue scale (VAS), following exercise using the HIT machine compared to the traditional mixed aerobic and resistance exercise of the control trial.

HITZone owner Stuart Cain says: “The entire ethos behind HITZone is to create an inclusive environment where anyone, no matter their physical ability, can feel more alive and increase their vitality and wellbeing. The HIT Machine was designed with this in mind and I am delighted that this study from the Sport and Exercise Sciences Institute has confirmed the positive difference our technology can make to people’s lives”.

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