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Really Awesome Coffee

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Really Awesome Coffee is the UK’s leading mobile café franchise has firmly established their position as the trail blazers in their sector with the launch of a new app and EPoS software.

Really Awesome Coffee Franchise

The app is another example of Really Awesome Coffee’s commitment and investment in supporting their franchise network. Franchisees are benefiting more than ever from advances made this year including mobile solutions, point-of-sale systems and time-saving apps. They now lead the way in franchising support by utilising cloud computing and other digital solutions within their proven business model.

The first phase of the Really Awesome Coffee App replaced paper loyalty cards and offers customers the opportunity to conveniently earn rewards on their purchases using their mobile phones. The app works in conjunction with Really Awesome Coffee’s bespoke RAPoS system which generates a unique QR code for each sale which the customer then digitally scans, replacing the traditional paper stamps.

Franchise Development Manager Laura Tonks reminds us that: “A lot of customers used to forget their paper loyalty cards but everyone carries their phones on them. The app means customers never miss out on being rewarded for their loyalty.”

The bespoke RAPoS (Really Awesome Point of Sale) software has been in development for nearly two years and amongst other benefits it offers coffee-stop-specific reporting allowing detailed business analysis. The new software helps franchisees trade more efficiently and provides invaluable reporting tools to track business performance which ensures they receive the best possible support.

Phase two of the app will launch next year with ‘arrival alerts’. Kevin Haswell, Owner of Really Awesome Coffee said: “We know how many people come out to the vans now but what we don’t know is how many people would like to come out but don’t always know we are there. We visit plenty of factories and large offices who can’t see and most likely can’t hear our coffee vans arrive and businesses are also now less likely to have receptionists available to notify staff. The technology also enables franchisees to inform customers about new products and special offers as well as letting them know we have arrived. From the point of view of our franchisees, we hope to see a significant increase in sales volumes following the launch of the next phase of the app.”

Really Awesome Coffee Franchise

Phase three, which will be rolled out later in 2019, will introduce a number of new feature and facilities including, a pre-order and pre-pay facility.

The app is another example of Really Awesome Coffee’s commitment and investment in supporting the businesses of our franchise network throughout the UK. The app is available for both iOS and Android phones and there are plans to enhance functionality further in the near future.

Background to Really Awesome Coffee

Born out of MD Kevin Haswell’s love of great coffee and his background in franchising, the first Really Awesome Coffee mobile café hit the streets in Coventry back in 2010. It quickly built a following of loyal customers delighted that they could now get a ‘proper’ cup of coffee at work every day.

An established franchise network from one mobile café, we have grown in to a network of over 35 franchisees across the UK. We have a proven, tested system of building, launching and supporting successful mobile café businesses. As testament to this, we have now been recognised as the UK’s No. 1 Mobile coffee franchise.

Our network has seen consistent growth year on year, whilst the UK coffee sales market is predicted to exceed £13bn by 2022*. The future is bright for our franchisees as the UK’s desire for premium quality coffee, anywhere, anytime continues to grow. Our goal is simple… happy, successful franchisees serving customers great tasting coffee.

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