The SmartPA investment fee is increasing!

SmartPA are the leading providers of outsourced administrative, secretarial and PA support to businesses around the world.


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The SmartPA Partnership opportunity has evolved over the last few years, most substantially in the last 12 months. In turn, its value has increased and our Partners are receiving more than ever for their investment fee. Discover just a few of the added benefits below:



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We take pride in our community and are committed to hosting annual roadshows for Partners, packed with the latest training, best practice and industry expertise. We are also holding regular business development sessions all over the country. This gives Partners the opportunity to sit down with members of Head Office and discuss how to grow their business even further.


Corporate Market

As part of our drive on developing the SmartPA brand into a household name, we have been penetrating the global corporate market. This growth enables our Partners to receive paid work from Head Office, and the SmartPA’s brand strength to be taken to the next level.


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Web Development

We are dedicated to digital investment in the brand – with further development of SEO and PPC, and the launch of a new website. This activity will ensure we are the go-to brand for PA support around the world, meaning more clients to distribute to our Partners!



We understand the SmartPA brand cannot succeed unless our Partners flourish. This is why we are constantly evolving ways which we can support them. We are in the process of developing our current client data and task management system, SmartPA Workflow, to make their lives easier. This ultimately allows our Partners to provide top-class service to every one of their clients.


The current investment of £12,500 will be increasing to £15,000 on 17th July 2017. Any SmartPA Application Forms submitted before this date will be honoured with the £12,500 investment fee.


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