Tina Sidhu: The Newest Member of Our Team

We work with families, schools and organisations to help children overcome emotional challenges, develop confidence, and gain greater learning potential. Enquire with us if you want to improve children's lives and run your own profitable business.


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NLP4Kids are delighted to announce a new member to the NLP4Kids team. Tina Sidhu, from Buckinghamshire, is very passionate about helping children and young people to reach their full potential in life.

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Tina’s background includes a BA degree in Business & Sociology from Kingston University. She began her professional career working in the insurance field and then changed direction to train as a Certified Practitioner in NLP. Tina came across NLP4Kids as a result of looking into communication techniques she could use with her young son. After she had used some NLP techniques with her son, she soon realised how effective and powerful NLP was and she wanted to take what she had learnt through her training to help other children who have challenges in their lives.

Tina has a bright future working with NLP4Kids. On her journey, Tina will begin working one day a week in schools. This will allow Tina to help children in her local schools through workshops on building their confidence, improving their concentration within the classroom and helping them through their exams. Tina will also undertake private sessions with the pupils in the schools to help them with challenges they may face in their lives. Being a mum allows Tina to relate to children at a individual level, where she can build a trusting relationship with them and where they can feel safe and happy.

Tina is offering free consultation to families, so that they can come to meet Tina and see where they can make a fabulous change in the child’s life.


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